My Dining Room Refresh

dining room

Our dining room needed a refresh.

Paul and I currently renting a very open-concept loft style apartment in Portland, Oregon. Since it’s a rental, I want it to feel cozy – but I don’t want to overdo it since I’m not sure how long we will be living in this specific unit.

It’s really easy to fill up a space with knick-knacks and big pieces of furniture, but if we ever downgrade into a smaller place – we’ll be stuck with a bunch of extra furniture. Which brings me to our dining room refresh project!

So how can you decorate efficiently, cheaply and still fill up a big space?

We brought all of our furniture from LA and the only new items I bought was this floor lamp ($80) + this area rug ($200). Our loft doesn’t have a lot of overhead lighting and Portland can be gloomy, so we spread out our lamps as best as possible. However this corner looked a little dark so we brightened it up with a bit with the new lamp.

This sideboard ($300) and does wonders for providing extra storage for all sorts of random things. I hide dog treats, our crockpot, our salad bowl, electronics + plugs for stuff in here.

target rug

Since our last place was all carpet, we bought a fairly inexpensive rug to give the dining room some coziness. It sort of looks like a knock-off from West Elm. I scored this dining room table ($330) at World Market and the metal chairs I found there on clearance – 4 for $200!

dining room ideas

The ladder ($100) I got off etsy and the blanket is from Pendleton ($150)- with a little nod to Portland. I found the cute little plant + handmade pot ($25 for both) at Pistil Nursery last week. The big lighting fixture Paul put in and no one got electrocuted! We got it from Crate & Barrel ($350) and it’s coming with us when we move.

anthropologie hurricane candle holders

My most favourite things are these Rose Gold Hurricane Candle Holders from Anthropologie. When lit up at night, they make the space feel cozy. So our dining room looks great – the rest of the loft is sort of a mess! Apologies for the crappy iPhone photos – I couldn’t get the SD card out of our GoPro to put back into my camera.

If you’re looking to give your space a makeover – see my list of places of where to shop for furniture online.

Until next time!