We Are Moving To California!

lisa ng doing good digital

We just found out last Friday that we were approved for a new US Visa – which means…


After spending almost 1.5 months putting together our business plan, visa application, funding and then launching Doing Good Digital, we were granted an interview and we are so grateful that we were approved on the spot.

It feels good to be doing this on our terms and for our own business.

We will be leaving in less then 10 days to drive BACK across the country with our pup BINGO while stopping to see a few clients on the way. It feels fast, but we’ve been back in Toronto since the start of December and we’re both super eager to get things started.

lisa ng toronto

Our path will take us through Columbus, Louisville, Nashville, Memphis, Oklahoma City, Amarillo, Albuquerque, Flagstaff, Sedona, and Las Vegas! So if you have suggestions on great things to eat, see, and do in those places – I’m ALL ears.

Our new home will be in Los Angeles, California where we’ve already leased an office in Silicon Beach near Google, Facebook, Yahoo and a bunch of other fun digital people. Paul and I are so excited to be expanding our company into the US, however we will be back and forth to Toronto frequently working with our Canadian clients. More on our new business in this post here.

Our plan for Doing Good Digital is to grow, grow, grow! We will be building our client list and working to hire staff as we work rapidly to build our new digital agency for non-profits.

We are also looking for clients in the non-profit sector! Do you know someone who works at a charity, sits on a non-profit board, works in corporate sponsorships for non-profit events or anything related to a charity?

If so, Paul and I would love to book a complimentary consult with them and help figure out ways for them to raise more money, so their organization can keep doing the incredible work that they do.

You can drop us an email or an e-intro anytime at Paul@DoingGoodAgency.com

What will happen to this blog?

This Beautiful Day will be going on a short hiatus as we travel across the country and get settled into our new home. In the meantime, you can follow along on all of our adventures on Instagram over @DoingGoodAgency + @ThisBeautifulDay.

You can also find me on Twitter @helloLisaNg or on Facebook for updates from our trip.

See you on the road!