7 Ways to Speed Up Your Morning Routine

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Let’s face it. Mornings are the worst.

I am a devoted night owl and not a fan of early mornings or morning activities. Therefore, I feel like I’m always running behind and have to hustle hard to get my butt in gear. Since I can’t sleep until noon, I’ve devised a series of tricks to get myself out the door faster in the morning:


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1) Pick Your Outfits for the Week – Yeah, ok this might sound crazy – but look at your calendar and the weather for the week on a Sunday and pick out your outfits for the ENTIRE week. Just pull them all out of your closet and hang them all up in order at the front of your closet. Save even more time by hanging your pants, skirts and accessories on the hanger so there’s no thinking, just moving. Don’t forget to steam or iron anything you need all at once.

Your outfits are not written in stone and you can change it up depending on your mood. But it’s nice to get this decision over with and out of the way.

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2) Make Breakfast The Night Before – I like to make one big blender with two servings of a green smoothie on a Sunday night. One to have on Monday and then again on Tuesday. For the rest of the week, prep up a few frozen baggies of all your smoothie ingredients including the peeled banana. So all you have to do is dump, add almond milk, protein powder, and blend! Check out my 7-Day Smoothie Challenge for recipe ideas.

Other make-ahead breakfast ideas include these overnight oats, my Matcha Chia Pudding and a couple hard-boiled eggs that you leave in your fridge for the week.

3) Floss Before Bed – One less thing to do in the morning! Floss before bed instead of in the morning.


4) Have a Morning Beauty Bin – I put everything I use in the morning in one bin. I just grab it and use each product as I need it – so there’s no thinking and I can do everything on auto-pilot. Keeping everything in one bin saves me from searching for my products in the morning.

I keep my deoderant, toner, serum, this moisturizer for my cranky combination skin, eye cream, lip balm, and this tinted BB cream with SPF in my morning beauty bin.

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5) Pack Your Purse / Work Bag The Night Before – Clean out your purse and pack your work bag along with your charger, laptop, emergency snacks and keys in your go bag by the door. Double-up on a set of your favourite lipstick, blotting sheets, powder and other make-up in a little zippered pouch for your purse.


6) Make Friends With Dry Shampoo – Dry shampoo is your best friend. Wash, dry, and style your hair on a Sunday night. Throw it under a shower cap on Monday morning while you shower. Give your hair a spritz of dry shampoo to absorb any excess oil and it saves you time from washing and styling from scratch. I currently swear by this dry shampoo – it not only absorbs, but also sweat after a workout at the gym!


7) Clean Out Your Make-up Drawer + Streamline – And by clean out, I mean THROW OUT  anything that’s expired, broken, duplicates or anything you don’t use. By simplifying and streamlining your make-up drawer, the less chaotic it is to rifle through it in the morning. I rarely keep duplicates. I usually have just one mascara, one eye pencil and one liquid liner in my main make-up drawer. I’ll also keep a 3-4 lip colours handy.

When I want to get fun or creative, I have a separate storage area where I keep make-up I don’t use regularly so everything is streamlined.


So tell me! What are your tricks and tips for getting ready fast in the morning?