Meet BINGO! All About Our Foster Puppy


Hey Everyone!

I thought I would take a moment to introduce you all to BINGO. He’s our foster puppy that came to us through the incredible organization, Voice for the Animals in Venice, California.

BINGO was on the red list at the South LA animal shelter for being aggressive with another dog. I think it was a case of shelter stress, but BINGO needed a foster home asap which is how we got involved. I had actually seen an ad in my local newspaper from Voice for the Animals and inquired about being a foster parent for another dog. Turns out that BINGO (a terrier) was more of a fit for us, so I met him last week and he seemed super friendly, but definitely not happy about his shelter environment and the constant barking around him.


BINGO was a stray and is a lovebug in need of LOTS of attention, playtime and cuddles. This actually works because Paul and I are home all day, everyday in our home office. We’re not sure if BINGO ever had a real home, but he’s certainly a people person. They estimate that he’s about a year old, so still a puppy. He follows us everywhere. You’re going upstairs? I’m coming with you! You’re moving to the couch? Let’s all move to the couch! It’s pretty cute. He learned his name after 3 days (he didn’t come with a name) and started to play fetch. I called for BINGO from my desk today and his head popped up from behind the couch (who me?)!


We spent last weekend looking at possible rescues to adopt at a bunch of different LA shelters – but never found one that we clicked with. So fostering is a great way to figure out if a pup is right for us. If you’re thinking of getting a dog or can’t commit to one long-term – please consider volunteering to become a foster parent by contacting your local animal shelter or rescue organization!

For now, we’re just taking it one day at a time with BINGO and will make a decision soon on whether he will be our furever dog. Some things that we’re working through with him right now include:


1) Housebreaking – I turned my head for one second and BINGO started peeing on my white couch. Not sure if that’s just him marking his territory, but he hasn’t done it since day one. We’re just training him now to go outside.

2) He Hates Dog Food – I think he’s insulted every time I put a bowl of dog food down in front of him like I’m crazy. BINGO secretly wishes I would just order a pizza. I secretly wish I could just order a pizza. Being a stray, I think he subsisted on tacos, hot dogs, In-N-Out burgers and all sorts of street food and scraps.

3) Separation Anxiety – Right now we’re taking turns leaving the house. We left him for an hour outside of his crate and I came home to a broken lamp, an over turned table and scattered furniture. He doesn’t like being crated while we’re gone and will bark like crazy. I think we’ll keep trying leaving again and work up to longer increments.

4) The Cone of Shame – BINGO had to be neutered the day before we got him, which makes me think he didn’t have concerned owners or a home at all. The meds, the surgery and the cone of shame have made him a bit depressed and possible loss of appetite. The cone comes off in just a few more days and I think he’ll be happier pup because of it. He might even start eating his dog food.


Will keep you posted on whether we decide to keep BINGO!


Any advice or suggestions for me? Please share in the comments!


  • Jennifer Miller

    I think fostering is such an important job, thank you for doing it. It’s perfect for those who wish to spend time with animals but can’t commit long-term. what a great solution ! You are also saving a life, I cant believe he would have been put down the next day, its so heart-breaking. You saved his life ! and just think how many more we can all save even just by fostering. I can’t wait to move into my house so I can start ! Thanks for spreading the word.

    • Thanks Jenny! BINGO is definitely growing on us and I can’t even begin to think about the number of animals they must have to put down daily in LA county alone. I know we can’t save them all, but if we can save just a few – it’s worth it.

  • Charlotte Wolf

    Lisa! I am so happy for you. Having a pup in your life is such an amazing (even if tough at times) experience. As you may remember I went through lots of tough times with Red, as he came from the pound and never had a real home. But through all the tough times you will be rewarded with the most incredible best friend and unconditional love. Here are my recommendations…
    1. Housebreaking… Try to keep a consistent walking schedule, always praise for good behaviour and pee/poop outside, pop him out for a pee after he eats. And if he has an accident, just put him outside right away. Even he doesn’t do anything, hopefully he will make the connection.
    2. Red hated his food! I used beef or chicken broth watered down and slightly warmed up (not hot) and poured it over his food and mixed it up. You can also buy doggie food sprinkle and some pet stores. And may try a couple different brands of food.
    3. Separation anxiety is super hard. Try taking him for a long walk/play and tire him out before you go out. Also leave him with a distraction, a Kong filled with peanut butter, or treats in a ball with small holes in it. That way he has to work hard and stays focused on it. You can try Bach Rescue Remedy drops in his water daily. It helps calm them. For really stressful times, 1 (or half) of an adult Gravol will help with making him sleepy. Red had to have one every time there was a thunderstorm or fireworks. Lastly, you can try a Thundershirt, it’s tight on their bodies but it calming.
    The cone will come off and all will be better!
    I know that’s long, but hope it helps!
    Enjoy your new family member! xo

    • Char! Thank you so much for your tips. I’ve always wanted a dog, but I was just never in a place in my life where I felt settled or wasn’t traveling so much.

      So housebreaking is going well. He gets 3-4 walks everyday and knows to go outside. We probably just have to step up the praise. He tried marking the house today – but it could’ve been that we had our friend and his dog over. Otherwise, in 10 days he’s had 2 accidents – but we haven’t given him the opportunity to go inside. We put him outside right after his accident today.

      Food! This is getting better! He now eats his dog food because he has no other choice and we never give him scraps. I think he’s a fast learner. He didn’t take to the chicken broth or peanut butter – this guy is a dog weirdo.

      We walk him lots to tire him out and distract him. I tried the Kong with different treats and still no interest. He’s also not into treats in general. I’m going to try the rescue remedy tomorrow before crate training him again. The thundershirt is seriously the next step!

      Thanks again 🙂