Meal Prep: Easy Breakfast Burritos

breakfast burritos

I have recently embraced breakfast burritos because they are ridiculously easy to prep all at once and they are packed full of protein – giving me lots of energy to get through work until lunch.

I’ve purchased pre-made frozen breakfast burritos before, they taste great – but some are often loaded up with sodium and I like the idea of being able to customize what goes into my breakfast burritos – like adding lots of spinach. Here my recipe….


You could easily make 10 burritos on a Sunday. Grocery shop in the morning, cooking all your ingredients in the afternoon and stashing everything in the fridge or freezer for the week. Here’s another meal prep lunch idea you could cook at the same time.

Make Eggs – Start by laying out a pack of 10 large flour tortillas on cookie sheets. Scramble about 10 eggs, add a bit of milk and cook in large frying pan. Distribute your scrambled eggs amongst your tortillas.

meal prep

Add about two spoonfuls of salsa to your eggs. I just use a jar version from Trader Joe’s. Fry up a package of turkey breakfast sausage by following the directions. Cut into bite-size pieces and add to your burrito.

recipe breakfast burritos

Top with baby spinach. You could choose to sauté it ahead of time, but since you’ll be microwaving or re-heating your burritos anyway, you can just add them raw.


Fold up your burritos and lay seam side down.

breakfast prep

Wrap each burrito in plastic wrap.

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Place your wrapped burritos in a large freezer-safe bag and place in your fridge or freezer.

breakfast burritos

To reheat, unwrap the plastic wrap and place your burrito on a microwave safe plate. From frozen I do one minute on each side, add a bit more salsa on top and microwave for another 30 seconds before serving. Do check that your burrito is warmed through in the middle before eating.

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