Matcha Green Tea Latte Recipe


One of the things I can’t get enough since my trip to Japan is matcha-eurrything.

Matcha is practically a national flavour there, right alongside its friend red bean. I found matcha ice cream, Kit Kat, mochi buns and everything under the sun during my trip to Tokyo.

I love a good Matcha Green Tea Latte and have started crafting my own matcha drinks at home. This one is great hot or iced and you can control the level of sweetness by either leaving out sugar entirely or using agave nectar (I use this one) as a subsitute.

Generally, if I’m pairing my Matcha Green Tea Latte with a sweet dessert – I tend to lay off the sweetner just so I don’t overdo it and crash later. Matcha has about 70 mg per 8 0z cup and is a ground up powder made of green tea leaves. Because you are consuming the tea leaves, your drink is packed full of antioxidants – plus you get your daily caffeine fix.

I use soy milk in my latte because I find almond milk tends to overpower the matcha a bit. You can use whatever you like – whole milk, coconut milk etc. Here’s my recipe:


Matcha Green Tea Latte

Makes 1 serving



  • 3/4 cup soy milk to boil
  • 1 teaspoon matcha powder
  • 1/4 cup boiling water
  • Agave nectar or sugar  (optional)



  1. Bring your soy milk to a simmer in a small pot
  2. Place your matcha powder into your mug and add boiling water while whisking
  3. Pour your soy milk into your mug and whisk again
  4. Add sweetener if you’d like
  5. You can use a milk frother if you want a frothier Matcha Green Tea Latte