How-To Spring Clean Your Make-up Drawer

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I’ve been spring cleaning every closet and drawer in my house after reading this book. Since moving a lot of things into our new beach house, I’ve been feeling extra minimalist lately – ready to get rid of things.

We live in a VERY open-concept loft with no bedroom doors and two closets. Storage and clutter is an issue. Which brought me to my bathroom…

So when was the last time you gave your make-up drawer a good once over? If you’re not sure what to keep or throw away, here’s a handy guide to get you inspired to give your make-up drawer a makeover:

make-up drawer

1) Broken + Damaged Items – These things gotta go. If you have a broken blush or powder palette, chances are it’s going to spill all over the place and create an even bigger mess. Also, how stressful is it to look at damaged make-up when you get ready in the morning?


2) Smell Your Mascara – If it smells funky, toss it. If you’ve had it for more than 6 months, it’s gotta go. It’s not worth risking an eye infection over if your mascara wand is covered in bacteria. I’ve been using this formula lately for extra curl that I haven’t had to use my eyelash curler in a long time!


3) Wash Your Brushes – Lay out a big towel for drying and individually shampoo each brush with a little bit of facial cleanser. Cleaning your brushes regularly can help prevent breakouts. You could also try this bar of soap made for brushes.

make-up expiry dates

4) Clean Your Make-up Holder – If you store your make-up in a bag or plastic holder, make sure to wash your storage console in hot soapy water to get ride of any lingering bacteria. I wash my fabric make-up bag in the washing machine on a warm and delicate setting before letting it air dry completely.


5) Do an SPF Check – Check the expiry dates on your sunscreen, make-up and beauty products that contain SPF. Ditch the expired products to ensure you’re getting the sun protection you need.


6) General Make-up Expiry Dates – A good rule of thumb is to toss lipsticks after 1 year, face make-up like blushes and powders after 1 year and eye shadow and eye liners after 6-12 months. If anything has been sitting at the back of your drawer unused, get rid of it or risk infection from bacteria or a breakout.


7) Stuff You Don’t Use – Lastly, if you have make-up or beauty products that are not expired but you do not use, DO pass it along to friends, co-workers, family or even donate it to a women’s shelter.


8) Nail Polish – Throw out anything older than 2 years. If the forumla is starting to separate and the colour looks funky – it’s probably done.


When was the last time you cleaned out your make-up drawer?