8 Ways to Make Your Space Healthier

By: April + Michelle of Get Real Gurls

Have you made the commitment to a healthier and happier lifestyle?

In addition to meal prepping and making small changes, have you given any thought on how to make the space you live in a healthier place? If not, it’s time to clean up your environment and make your space healthier!


The first step to creating healthy, lifelong habits, is to clean up your environment for good. When we say environment, we mean your food and exercise space (if you feel like picking some garbage form the local park, that’s cool too – it is exercise after all).

The NUMBER ONE reason people eat is because of sight and availability.

If unhealthy foods are easy to access and within eyesight, you are twice as likely to eat those foods. Think about it: you’re walking by that candy bowl on your co-workers desk and you can’t help but grab just a small handful….every time you walk by! D’oh.

No candy bowl = no eating candy.

Plain and simple.

So the first step of this journey is to make your space healthier. But how do you make your environment healthy?


1) Get rid of all junk food and unhealthy snacks and treats – including asking co-workers to avoid the “communal candy dish” or to store it in their desk drawer away from eyesight.


2) Out of sight, out of mouth! The only food that should be out on the counter or in sight is fruit or cut up veggies. All other food should be kept in the cupboards or desk drawers.


3) Keep your trigger foods out of reach. For example, if you love nuts and can’t stop at just ¼ cup, keep them at the back and top shelf of the cupboards.


4) Keep food in the kitchen. Food should not be accessible in any other rooms of the house or workplace.


5) Avoid keeping treats and snack foods on hand “in case company comes over” – you know it will just be YOU who ends up eating it.


6) Uncover any exercise equipment previously covered in last nights clothing and move it to a pleasant space where you are likely to use it.


7) Say no to unhealthy leftovers – keep special occasions to THAT day.


8) Don’t forget about your workplace environment – the average person spends A LOT of time at work so make sure to apply these same guidelines there.


Do this! Get a trash bag out and get cleaning. Hey, it’s either in the WASTE or around your WAIST – you decide.


What’s your hardest food environment issue to tackle? 

– April + Michelle