9 Ways To Make Mondays Suck Less

mondays suck less

What’s the key to making Mondays suck less? I finally discovered it was preparing myself on Sunday night to ensure I had not just a decent Monday but a great week. I always thought it was bit nerdy to be overprepared like this, but now I think it gives me sanity!

I might not do everything on this list EVERY Sunday, but I make sure I get at least 2-3 things out of the way so I’m not thinking about having to do them all week. Here are my secrets to making Mondays suck less:

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1) Get Lots of Sleep

The key to having an awesome Monday is getting at least eight hours of sleep on Sunday night. Starting your week off with a huge sleep deficit is no freaking fun. See my tips on how-to sleep better. Give yourself a digital sundown at least 30 minutes before bed and stop eating at least 2 hours before. Cut back on the alcohol and caffeine starting Sunday afternoon as well.

If you can treat yourself to a mini spa evening on Sunday night – then you’ve already gone ahead and done something awesome for yourself. I like to put on a mud mask and take a relaxing bath before bed. It can be as simple as that. If you can get a massage appointment, book it on Sunday night so you’re well-rested for the week.

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2) Wash Your Sheets

I like to wash my sheets on Sunday – so I don’t have to think about doing them at any point during a busy week. I feel more relaxed and ready to get a good night’s sleep when I have fresh, clean sheets to look forward to. Trust me, it will make your Mondays suck less when you don’t wake-up thinking about washing your dirty sheets.


3) Do Your Laundry

I try to do as much laundry as humanly possible on Sundays. Which means as soon I as get up on Sunday morning, a load of laundry goes in. Make sure you dry, fold and put all of it away Sunday night. Nothing ruins your Monday zen then seeing piles of clean laundry to put away all over the floor or half-dry items still hanging up in your bathroom.


4) Lay It ALL Out

Remember back in school when you would have your backpack ready-to-go by the door and your outfit all picked out the night before. DO THIS. Clean out your work bag, put all the crap that needs to go in it and slam it down by the door.

Pick out your outfit, underwear, bra, shoes and lay it all out for yourself. My brain is foggy on most mornings, so the less decisions I need to make and the less things I need to find makes Mondays suck less.

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5) Meal Prep 

I finally learned after 10+ years that actually cooking a bunch of stuff to eat on a Sunday makes it easier to eat healthy all week. I like to prep up a batch of these lunch containers to get me through the week.

Paul and I usually cook a big meal on Sunday that we can eat for lunches all week (like a pasta or soup) and at the same time, one of us preps a crock pot recipe like these ones so we don’t have to ‘cook’ on Monday night or default to takeout.


6) Book a Workout

I try to book a workout every Monday to set the tone for the week. When I skip my Monday workout, I end up skipping them all – so I try to start my week off right. Exercise can lift your mood too, so if you’re having a crappy Monday, it won’t feel so bad after a workout. While you’re at it – try booking in all your workouts for the week so you make time to exercise. Here are 7 ways to motivate yourself to exercise.


7) Put Stuff Away

I make a conscious effort to put all my crap away on Sunday night. That means not leaving any dishes in the sink, wiping down the kitchen counter, dining room table, putting away random papers, reading my mail etc. The less visual clutter you confront on a Monday, the better. I may sound crazy, but when you work from home – these are the things that end up bothering you.


8) Eat Breakfast

Seriously. This isn’t the time to go to work hangry. You’re probably going to be grumpy and starving your way through your commute or early morning meeting is not going to help. Check out these 15 Healthy Breakfast Ideas to get you inspired. Prep your breakfast the night before so you can grab and go. Think overnight oats, chia pudding, muffins or a protein bar and apple.


9) Try a New Tea or Coffee

Have something to look forward to on a Monday morning. Treat yourself to a new green tea or a fancy bag of coffee and save it for Monday. Set your tea bag, kettle, and travel mug up on the counter so it’s ready to go. Put your coffee in your French press or coffee filter so it’s ready to brew – take a deep breath and enjoy.


How do you make Mondays suck less? Is there anything you do or prep the night before to get you ready for the week?



  • I love all of these! Having a clean apartment, getting my laundry done, washing my sheets, and most of all getting enough sleep Sunday night make a huge difference come Monday.