LA Lately


Life in LA lately – I’m really trying to put some roots down here and decided against any major travel until things get busy again in May. It’s been hard starting over in a city that you’re never in – so I’m making a point to discover as much of the city as possible…by actually being here.

First off, exercising is not really my thing – but I’m trying to make it a part of my life. I bought this kick-ass aluminum beach cruiser from Greenline Bicycles in the valley. The frame is lighter than most steel cruisers, it’s got 7-speeds and hand brakes – all for $230. I’ve been riding down to the beach more now that I finally have a bike.


I always make a point of stopping in at the Venice Beach Skate Park (above). Sunday nights are the best time for people-watching – the drum circle is going, its roller disco dance day and the skate park is always busy. 


I met up with a couple bloggers from ALT Summit at Dominick’s Restaurant in West Hollywood last week. They have a great happy hour menu with an outdoor patio and fireplace. Since we don’t have a backyard, this is a pretty good hideout. Make sure to try the Moscow Mule which features their housemade ginger syrup.


Work has been busy and I picked up three new freelance projects this month all in the span of 10 days! Decided to drive up the coast to clear my head and I ended up having a delicious Mexican dinner at Casa Escobar. Their corn tortillas are some of the best I’ve had so far in LA. Look for the sign that says ‘Malibu Inn’. Next door is Aviator Nation which sells super soft hoodies and tees. They also have this awesome teepee inside their store.


We caught the Lakers vs OKC (the no. 1 team right now) and the Lakers actually won!


I’m working out of a co-working space in LA every once in awhile so I’ve been grabbing lunch at the Grand Central Market in Downtown, Los Angeles. The historic market has been around since 1917 and is going through a very cool update right now. They are currently filling up empty stalls with hip new counters and my favourite right now is Sticky Rice for Thai food.


Mann’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood (above). I always bring visitors here for the heart and soul of Hollywood. You can see the walk of fame, the cement hand prints and a great view of the Hollywood sign from the mall at Hollywood & Highland. There’s also some decent mainstream shopping along Hollywood Boulevard and a lot of entertaining buskers.


I ate one of these and then I was promptly thrown into a food coma. The famous chili cheese dogs from Pink’s Hot Dogs in Hollywood. I try to myself to once every six months and only when guests are in town. The wait time was only 15 minutes at 2:30 pm on a weekday. Any other time I have gone, it’s been a 30 minute + wait.


Paul and I also took a little visit to Cars Land with my cousins who were visiting from Toronto for March Break. If you have the chance, visit Disney’s California Adventure Park, right next to Disneyland. Here’s my review from my trip in August.

I’ll be sharing my photo diary from San Diego next week – stay tuned!

  • I just read your about page, Lisa – after talking with Stephanie Fusco from Leopard Is A Neutral.

    I too, recently did the Ontario to California move, except I did Waterloo-San Jose. We did our road trip in 3.5 days. Kinda wish we made it last longer because the end of the journey we were running on zero sleep, swapping driving.

    Also random, my friend ( went to Alt Summit recently – not sure how big that blog conference is. Will you be going to BlogHer14?

    I’ve never heard of your blog before, but glad Steph mentioned you to me. I’ll definitely be back, hopefully we can chat!! 🙂

    • Hi Nancy – so great to meet you!

      Yes that drive was seriously insane, but we luckily spread it out over 3 weeks – building in a one week vacay in Arizona in there. But I am never doing that again.

      Do let me know if you’re ever in LA, would love to meet you.

      Alt was awesome, but I don’t think I got to meet your friend. BlogHer14 is just okay. I went to the one in San Diego a few years ago and it was more geared towards beginners and mommy bloggers. Are you going to go? They are doing a summer ALT summit too!

      • Lisa, that’s the first (and only) BlogHer I’ve been to! In SanDiego in 2011. We were there at the same time?? 🙂

        That’s how I knew I’d like California because SD was gorgeous lol. I’ll have to look into ALT a bit more – didn’t know they were doing a summer one too!

        I agree, the drive was nuts. Ours was silly too because we had a 17 foot u-haul and a trailer with my car on top. It was terrifying when I had to drive 🙁 Wouldn’t recommend it! Lol

        • I totally think we were there at the same time!

          ALT just announced the summer program and there will be another in January 2015. That’s awesome that you U-Hauled everything. All of our stuff is still back in Toronto. I bought Ikea everything once we moved here 🙂