It’s Official. We’ve Adopted BINGO.


Somebody got his first haircut!

What can we say?


We have officially adopted BINGO. Actually, I think he adopted us first and we couldn’t help but fall in love with the little guy. To be honest with you, I was really stand off-ish at first about keeping him – mainly because he was labelled aggressive by the shelter. We think he was just extremely stressed out. But after having BINGO in our home for about a week, we couldn’t imagine life without him. So we have officially filled out all his paperwork and made a donation to this rescue organization to adopt him.

If you’re thinking about getting dog or cat or are able to manage volunteering taking care of one for about a month – I highly recommend contacting your local resuce organization and inquire about fostering a pet.


Here’s an update on BINGO’s progress:

1) Food – BINGO is finally eating his dog food! I think once the shots, meds, neutering had worn off he became more like a dog. His shelter stress melted away and he wanted walk, run, play, fetch and most of all EAT. Getting rid of the cone of shame made him feel good too. We’ve switched him to grain-free all-natural dry food that he loves. I also bought the small bits of kibble so it’s easier for him to chew. I’m going to get his teeth checked out by the vet on Friday to make sure there are no issues there either.


BINGO listening to relaxing music for dogs (I nearly fell asleep – TWICE!)

2) Housebreaking – We think he’s almost housebroken. We take him on at least 4-5 walks a day so there is no opportunity to pee inside, but he still does not go inside. Otherwise, he sleeps in his crate at night and is able to hold it. When we leave (max 30 minutes) he hasn’t had an accident yet.


Here’s BINGO waiting for Paul to come home

3) Separation Anxiety – This is the toughest cookie to crack yet. Ok, so basically Paul and I have had no life since we got this puppy. We have taken turns going out and have started training him to realize that we come back when we go out. Right now we can leave for about 20-30 minutes max before he starts barking. As soon as he starts barking, we go in and correct it by shaking a can of pennies ONCE and telling him no barking and quiet. If he can make it to the 25-30 minute mark, we give him praise. Otherwise we have to start all over again.

We tried leaving him for 2 hours and he barked the ENTIRE time we were gone (GoPro’d this). So we decided that small increments were probably best for us and our neighbours. We found that crating him made it even worse. So we close all the doors, hide all our stuff and anything he can break, we leave the TV on and go out. I’ll keep you posted on this one!


5) Treats – We have a picky puppy on our hands still. He doesn’t love ALL treats. We found 2-3 that he likes and are sticking with that. Everything from Trader Joe’s he LOVES. It’s weird that he isn’t a food or treat motivated dog, but I guess that’s his personality.


6) Obedience School – I don’t think BINGO has a big vocabulary yet, but he understands SIT, No Barking and Quiet. He starts puppy school next week which will hopefully give him more confidence for when we leave and also socialize him with other dogs (he’s been pretty scared so far).


Any dog training + puppy-raising advice out there for me? How long did it take when you could leave the house without your dog barking for a long time?