How To Stay Hydrated


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I drink A LOT of water so I can stay hydrated.

The first thing I do as soon as I wake-up is pull my Brita pitcher out of my fridge and chug TWO big glasses of filtered water with half a lemon squeezed into it. I do this to get my metabolism going, to get a burst of natural vitamin C, it gives me energy, helps my digestive system and I know I’ve started my day by taking care of me.

I aim to drink around eight glasses of water everyday and this way I know I’ve drank at least two before I start working at my desk. I had a friend mention to me recently that she only drank maybe 2-3 glasses of water everyday and that she forgets to hydrate.


It’s SO important to drink enough water so everything in your body can function properly and you don’t end up mistaking thirst for hunger. Reach for water before you reach for a bag of chips! Don’t like the taste of plain water? Try infusing your water with fruit or herbs  to give it natural flavour without a ton of calories.

I also get incredibly sleepy when I’m dehydrated and then grumpy. So how do I remember to drink more water? I decided to put together a little water diary on how I stay hydrated throughout the day:

8:00 AM – Wake-up and resist the urge to check email! I usually end up doing so anyway. March downstairs, squeeze half an organic lemon into a 500 ml glass and add filtered water. Proceed to chug two glasses before I put on my workout clothes, make breakfast and start checking emails and social again at my desk. Time to attack my biggest task of the day!

10:00 AM – I make coffee in my French Press and pour myself another glass of water so I have it ready to go after my coffee. Caffeine dehydrates me, so I try to replenish with water as soon as I can.


10:15 AM – Fill-up my Brita To-Go Bottle, grab my towel, phone and keys and fly out the door to get to the gym!

10:30 AMCardio Barre or a Yoga class. Whatever day it is, I want an intensive full-body workout in 60 minutes. I sip on water from my Brita To-Go Bottle throughout class to avoid dry mouth and dehydration.

11:30 AM – I did it! Class is over; I don’t have to think about getting in a workout for the rest of the day. Refill water bottle and chug! By now, I’ve drank about 5 glasses of water, but need to replenish anything I sweated out. I’m feeling great and full of energy.


Noon – Back at home, shower, lunch and work. Get through more emails, pressing deadlines and taking any meetings in the afternoon. I pour myself another glass of water for after lunch for glass #6.

1:00 PM – Coffee or green tea break, then dive back hard into my to-do list. The east coast stops working at 2 PM PST, so it’s important that I stay focused to get any last-minute things out.


4:00 PM – Afternoon slump hits. I usually go for a walk, make an afternoon snack and sip on glass #7 of ice cold water to wake me up a bit. I go back to work or I go to the gym if I skipped my morning workout class (I try not to).

5:30 PM – I start making dinner with Paul and eat at around 6:30 PM.

7:30 PM – I’m probably in front of the TV and hanging out or reading a magazine. If dinner was super salty, I’m craving what is usually my last glass of water. I sip on this slowly until bedtime and it helps with digestion.


I use a Brita Pitcher at home so I can filter my own water. I don’t buy bottled water because I want to reduce my waste. When I’m on the go, I try to leave the house with a full reusable bottle that I can take with me. The Brita bottle I use is BPA-free, dishwasher-safe and has a filter built-in. So when I refill at the gym, I know I’m getting the same clean taste I get at home.


So how do you stay hydrated throughout the day? Do you keep a water bottle at your desk? Do you find you drink more water in the morning or evening?


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