How To Grill A Pizza


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Summer always seems too short.

I’m always looking for an excuse to get a group of friends together to make the most of the summer weather. Somehow, the pressure of throwing a huge BBQ with all the fixin’s is just too much to think about after a long week.


Lately, I’ve been all about the casual dinner party. Nothing too fussy, just great food, friends and a bottle of wine. I’ve started to re-think the BBQ and instead of throwing the usual hamburgers or hot dogs on the grill – we’ve started grilling our pizza!


How-To Grill a Pizza:

Just pre-heat your BBQ to around 400F degrees, grab a couple boxes of NEW DELISSIO RUSTICO™ thin crust pizza, place it on a baking sheet and cook on your BBQ!

Make sure to turn your pizza halfway through for even cooking. Your pizza should be ready in 15-17 minutes or when the crust is golden and the cheese is all melty and gooey.


There’s no mess and no clean-up. Just pop open a bottle of wine and light some candles for a casual al fresco dinner with friends. It’s also perfect for a night you don’t feel like cooking or turning on a hot oven.

I like to customize my Delissio Rustico thin crust pizza with fresh figs, broccoli florets, sausage, avocado slices or even grilled peaches. For best results, add your custom toppings halfway through the cooking process or at the end!


Another favourite thing I like to do is ‘saladify’ my pizza. I open a bag of salad mix and toss it with olive oil, balsamic vinegarette and a bit of crumbled goat cheese. Take your salad and top it on your hot pizza and then add a few avocado slices.

Delissio Rustico pizza features a stone-baked thin crust that crisps up nicely on the grill for that satisfying crunch. Delissio Thin Crust Rustico flavours include Margherita, Spinaci Fresca, Funghi, Pollo Toscano, Pepperoni Diavolo and Vegetale Grille.


Have you ever tried grilling a pizza on your BBQ? Share your photo with me and tag @Delissio #PizzaNight & #Delissio.


Photos by: Natalia Dziubaniwsky