9 Ways To Keep Your House Clean When You Have A Dog


When we first adopted our pup BINGO just over a year ago, we had no idea how much he would change our lives. Paul says he’s way less stressed because he gets outside and now walks over 10,000+ steps a day. I love having BINGO around as my little buddy at work and we’ve met SO many new people in our neighborhood just by walking our dog.

The one thing I’m trying to keep up with is all the hair and pet smells that come with having an adorable pooch. Here are my tips and tricks to keep your house looking and feeling clean when you have a dog:


1) Slipcovered Furniture

If you have a choice or are considering new furniture – I swear by my slipcovered pieces. I can throw them in the wash, hang them to dry and toss the covers into the dryer for a quick spin to finish them off. If my covers start to really look worn, I can purchase a new set of covers without having to purchase a whole new sofa.


2) Paw Towels

We live in Portland, Oregon and it rains A LOT. To avoid muddy paw prints all over the house, I keep a designated dog towel by the door that I can use to wipe off his paws as soon as we get home.


3) Eco Bath Wipes

When BINGO gets dirty playing at the dog park, I rely on unscented eco bath wipes when I don’t have time to give him a bath. He loves to roll around in the grass and I have no idea WHAT he’s rolling in before he lands on my couch for a nap. So I give him a quick wipedown on his back and head when we get home.


4) Pet-Friendly Carpet Cleaner Spray

Did your pup have an accident? Make sure to get an all-natural, pet-friendly carpet cleaning spray to quickly clean up any unexpected messes.


5) Lint Rollers

If your dog sheds a TON, make sure to invest into a couple lint rollers and tuck them all over the house. I keep one in my closet, in my car and in the living room. When I’m short on time, I will lint roll the sofa just to get any noticeable hair off!



6) Scented Candles

Whenever I have guests over, I make sure to light a scented candle or two and open up the windows to air out our place. Sure, we may have gotten used to the smell of our dog – but it might feel like a huge whiff for visitors.

In addition to this, make sure to wash pet beds, toys and linens frequently to get rid of any funky pet odors lingering at your house.


7) Regular Baths

We bathe BINGO every two weeks, more often if he gets really dirty at the beach. It’s different with every breed and every dog – but every two weeks works for us. This keeps our furniture smelling and looking clean when BINGO is clean.


8) Pet Toy Basket

Ever step on a dog bone? It hurts! Invest into a cute little basket where you can store ALL of your dog toys. Tuck it away in a corner and keep your place looking tidy.


9) A Powerful Vacuum

The only way to battle all that pet hair is to get a POWERFUL vacuum that’s designed for people with pets. We’ve started using the BISSELL® Pet Hair Eraser which has a tangle-free brush roll, which saves me from having to spend an hour detangling hair out of my vacuum. The hair gets sucked up and goes directly in the tank!

The BISSELL® Pet Hair Eraser also features a patented cyclonic pet hair spooling system that separates and captures pet hair – so stuff is not flying everywhere when you empty the canister. The SmartSeal™ Allergen System also works to trap dust, dander and allergens inside the vacuum so you’re not just blowing dirt and hair around.

The first time I used this vacuum, I couldn’t BELIEVE the amount of hair it picked up. I emptied out the canister and vacuumed again. It’s obvious that our old vacuum was missing a lot of stuff and not doing as great a job as I thought it was. The BISSELL® Pet Hair Eraser retails for $249.99 which is a great value for a vacuum so powerful.


I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.



  • We have ‘dustbuster’ version of this that we used to use on our couch and it was SO helpful when Charlie was little! It definitely picks up the hair like none other.

    • I wish I had thought of getting a pet hair vacuum sooner! No wonder my allergies are always crazy. It’s so efficient that it actually ‘inspires’ Paul to vacuum the whole house – and there ain’t nothing wrong with that!

  • Emma Craig

    I think we need to get one of these! We only have a chihuahua, but you wouldn’t believe how much she sheds, lol! (P.S. Bingo is such a cutie!)

    • Awwww thank you! Yes – definitely get one. I can’t believe we’ve been swimming in so much dust and pet hair before it.