Holiday Cocktail Hour – A Frosty Moscow Mule

moscow mule recipe mugs

I am currently obsessed with the Moscow Mule.

It’s my go-to drink right now and I do mine with just a half shot of vodka if it’s a weeknight. You can definitely adjust the amount of alcohol in this recipe if you prefer a less strong cocktail. I’m definitely going to need a drink as we get ready to close our house this week!

I love the taste of ginger and when this cocktail is done right – it soars. Ginger is also good for you and helps with your immune system right? I don’t know, but let’s just go with that…

So in my quest for the best Moscow Mule ever, I’ve tweaked a couple recipes along the way and this has become my go-to recipe for mixing at home. These copper mugs are a stylish add for this classic cocktail.

A garnish of lime and fresh cranberries just gives it a nice holiday feel. Be sure to freeze your cranberries to help keep your cocktail cold! Ginger beer is superior to ginger ale for a good Moscow Mule, but if you’re stuck – ginger ale will work in a pinch as well.

Trader Joe’s does a light and fresh ginger beer, as does Reed’s – which you can find in most major grocery stores. Here’s the recipe:


Moscow Mule

serves 1


  1. Fill glass with ice cubes
  2. Squeeze in half a lime (I enjoy a heavier lime flavour)
  3. Add 2 shots of vodka
  4. Top with cold ginger beer (I like Reed’s Ginger Beer or Trader Joe’s)
  5. Garnish with a lime wheel or a sprig of mint. Drop in a few fresh cranberries or skewer them on a toothpick with some candied ginger.


This cocktail is so ridiculously easy to make at home and requires a minimum amount of ingredients on hand and isn’t overly sugary. You’ll wonder why you’ll ever need to pay $15 for an overpriced Moscow Mule again.

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