Hello From Portland!

Portland Pearl District

Hello from Portland!

I just wanted to share a little life update with you as we get settled in after our second week living in Portland, Oregon! If you’ve moved as much as I have – you’ll know the first two weeks in a new place involves constant trips to Ikea, Target and every other home furnishing store you can think of.

It’s not like we didn’t already have a ton of stuff to begin with.

Dining Room Portland

It’s all those little annoying knick-knacks and organizing things that worked at one place, but doesn’t work at the other. SO I spent most of the last two weeks running around to Bed Bath & Beyond, Crate & Barrel, Storables and The Container Store shopping for a shower caddy, cutlery tray, a kitchen island, bar stools, a rug, coat hooks and all the mundane stuff that goes along with moving. We are living in a VERY open concept loft with only two closets and not a lot of storage space.

The good news?

Colette Bed

We are ALMOST there! I just have to set-up my home office (which is covered in a pile of books and papers) and the living room (currently a dumping ground for anything without a home).

BINGO was a little freaked out about the process because he’s a rescue dog who was abandoned as a puppy. So he has these separation anxiety issues and freaks out whenever we leave because he thinks we’re leaving him for good in this strange and foreign place. We haven’t been able to leave him alone until just late last week.

His solution to all of this?


Attempt to dig out through the hardwood at the front door and injure his front leg in the process! So when he started hobbling around on just three legs last week – it was off to the emergency room we go. Luckily he didn’t break or sprain anything. I think it just cramped out from him trying to escape so he could come and find us. He’s now doing MUCH better.

Pearl District Portland

Otherwise, we are on the hunt for a condo to buy in the Pearl District before prices really skyrocket in Portland. I’ve been on Zillow everyday and only one unit is popping up every two days. Not a lot of supply – but we are hopeful. We’re living in this place on a 10-month lease and want to find something close by to really settle into before then.

Which means – we get to do this all over again.