Go For It: The Under 35 Work Holiday Visa


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Happy Labour Day! Feeling like you need a change this fall? I’m re-sharing my post on The Under 35 Work Holiday Visa to get you inspired if you’re thinking of making a big move. Enjoy!

If you’re feeling like you’re in a life rut or not doing anything you’re remotely passionate about – then maybe a year abroad is something that might be a fit for you.

Before I moved to LA, I seriously researched moving to Amsterdam last year with my husband. Until this point, I had been on some long vacations and backpacking trips, but nothing epic like a year abroad or moving to another country. Having lived in Toronto and Mississauga for most of my life, I couldn’t picture not trying something outside of my comfort zone before I reached the working holiday visa age limit of 35. So I did some research and came across the under 35 work holiday visa.

Exploring an Olive Oil Farm in Tuscany

Exploring an Olive Oil Farm in Tuscany

The Canadian Government has a bunch of partnerships with other countries that make a one-year working holiday visa easy for you. In most cases, it’s a way to supplement your income while traveling to countries like Costa Rica, Australia, France, Japan, Spain and more.

One thing to note – the USA is not on this list. If you are thinking of moving to the US, you should start researching jobs in your field and have an employer sponsor you on a TN Visa or look for inter-company transfer. There’s a bit of conversation and info on this comment thread.

If you’re looking for something to happen to you – stop waiting for a job or situation to pick you. Maybe the job market here is really crappy and it might just be the perfect time to go abroad.

Taking life risks when you’re young, unmarried, without kids, without major debt or a mortgage is probably the most perfect time to do something like this. Once you lock yourself into a 35-year mortgage, being flexible for these changes is WAY more difficult – which is one of the major reasons why we sold our house after four years.

I’m also lucky to have an amazing husband that is on the same page as me and loves adventure and travel as much as I do. So maybe the under 35 work holiday visa is for you.

I have learned that it’s all about taking small action steps to make your big goal come true. If you’re over 30 but still under 35, the options are a bit more limited but still exciting! It’s also a great opportunity to get some international experience on your resume.

To learn more visit: International Experience Canada via The Foreign Affairs & International Trade Ministry of Canada for more info on the under 35 work holiday visa.