How To Wrap The Perfect Gift

gift wrap ideas

There are some people who look forward to wrapping gifts and there are others that dread it like the plague. No matter how you feel, Christmas is on the horizon and it’s time to wrap those gifts! Unless you haven’t even started shopping and need these last-minute gift ideas.

During my final year at the University of Toronto, I scored a seasonal job wrapping gifts – oh you know, just around a couple hundred of them. I managed one of those mall gift-wrapping kiosks in the underground path and it was a sweet temporary gig that was sort of fun and crafty at the same time.


By December 24th, I had perfected my gift-wrapping skills and learned a couple handy tips that I use to get all my gifts wrapped in record time. Here’s what I recommend if you’re staring at a pile of unwrapped gifts that need tackling:

1) Stock up on wrapping paper, bows, ribbons and gift tags before you sit down and wrap. It will make the whole process less painful if you have everything on hand and you’re not left running out at 11 PM in your pajamas for last-minute supplies.


2) Get yourself some decent tape or a glue gun. No seriously – I used cheap cellophane tape that I bought for $1 one year and my gifts slowly started to unwrap, as we got closer to Christmas. Do you own a glue gun? Dig it out of the basement and use that instead – it’s even FASTER than using tape.


3) Measure your paper & fold to hide jagged creases. Lay the gift box down and pull enough paper to cover the entire box and then some. This should give you the perfect amount of paper.

After you trim to size, fold over the jagged crease for a clean finish. Make little paper airplane type triangles on each side to wrap the side of the box and again, fold the jagged creases under for smooth lines. Use lots of tape to hold in place and that’s it – gift wrapping 101!


4) Bring on the flair! Have a little fun with your wrapped gift by adding curling ribbon, a big red bow, attaching an acorn, taping a candy cane or even tying a small holiday ornament to it to give it a little flair. See these great ideas on embellishments for your gift!


You should have all your gifts wrapped in no time – which means more time to eat these Raspberry Almond Thumbprint Cookies and drink spiked eggnog!

What are your gift-wrapping tricks & tips?

Photo credits: Erika Fraser