7 Unique Gift Ideas for New Parents

meal delivery service for new parents

I have definitely hit that point in my life where all of my friends are having babies!

Since Paul and I are in Portland, it’s hard to be helpful from afar. I can’t drop off meals or offer to baby-sit, but I definitely want to let my friends and family know that I’ve been thinking abou them. So I’ve been stocking up on cute shower gifts and wanted to put together a curated list of fun gift ideas for new parents that go beyond the onesie and baby gift registry.

Here are my favourite unique gift ideas for new parents:


1) Meal Delivery Service

This is one of my favourite and most well-received gifts. New parents don’t have time to shower, let alone cook a healthy, from-scratch meal. I like to seek a local healthy meal delivery service or use a nationwide service like Munchery or Freshly that delivers fully prepared meals to new parents directly to their doorstep.

You can choose a gift certificate or opt to send a one-time delivery of maybe 6-12 meals in one go. Shipping is usually included and most of the meals freeze well if they don’t get around to eating all of them.

nursery print gift etsy

2) Personalized Nursery Print

I like to find out the name of the baby and immediately order an adorable personalized print from Etsy for their nursery. It’s just a small touch, but something new with the baby’s name on it just makes the room feel like home. I used this company last time and loved how the print turned out!

blue bathroom vanity

3) Cleaning Service

I know the last thing new parents want to do is sweep and mop the floors or have to deep clean their bathrooms or oven. A gift card to a local cleaning service might just be a lifesaver. Most professional cleaning teams send two people and get everything done in half the time in about 2-3 hours for a whole house. Totally worth it.


4) Spa Day Certificate

Give Mom or Dad the day-off with a gift certificate for a pedicure or massage at a local spa. You can even offer to baby-sit for two hours and left with a bottle while the new parents getaway for the afternoon for some rest and relaxation.


5) Offer to Baby-Sit

On that note, offer to baby-sit for 2-3 hours so the new parents can have a much needed date night and some alone time without the baby. They can even pick a restaurant that’s close by so they can feel more comfortable while they are away.


6) Ridiculously Cute Shoes

I don’t know what it is, but tiny shoes are just ridiculously cute and sort of expensive. So I usually pick up a fun pair to gift like a pair of baby TOMS that are fun for the parents.

whole foods market

7) Stock Their Fridge!

If a meal delivery service is too much, stop in with groceries during the first few weeks and stock their fridge for them. I like to find out what they like and then stop by Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods for some fast grab and go items. Things like fresh-cut fruit, pre-made salads, refrigerated chicken noodle soup, pressed juices, apples, grapes, veggies and dip are all easy healthy things that can be eaten as is or easily heated.


What do you like to gift new parents to help them out during their first few weeks of parenthood? Any suggestions?