Fruit-Infused Water Ideas


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What’s the first thing I do every morning before I drink my coffee, check my email or eat breakfast? I drink two giant 500 mL glasses of filtered water with a big squeeze from half of an organic lemon. If you’re worried about not drinking enough water, starting this easy daily habit ensures you get 1 litre of water into your system before you start your day! Why do I do it? The lemon alkalizes the body, aids with digestion and gives me a daily natural dose of vitamin C. I choose to use organic lemons because I usually drop it directly into my glass after squeezing it. The sheer amount of water also helps flush the system out and it wakes my body up so it can start up my metabolism.


If you don’t drink enough water everyday, this is a great habit to get you started. I continue to sip water throughout the day and aim to drink around 3 litres daily – especially on days when I workout and my body needs to stay hydrated. Water also keeps me full and staves off my sugar or salt cravings. Sometimes when we think we’re hungry – we might actually just be thirsty. Your skin will look great from all the hydration that your body is getting and you’ll feel less bloated overall. I keep a 500 mL glass Mason jar at my desk because it forces me to get up every time, take a break and refill it. Brita-Pitcher

At home, I have a Brita Colour Series Grand Pitcher ($34.99) in my fridge that is BPA-free and holds 10 cups of water. I always filter my water for the cleanest taste. I try to avoid plastic disposable water bottles when possible because I don’t like the BPA in the plastic and I find it wasteful to go through all those bottles. Not to mention how quickly they fill up your recycling bin! Water-Mason-Jar

If you want filtered water on-the-go, consider investing into one of Brita’s Filtered Water Bottles (from $9.99). It’s a BPA-free bottle with a built-in filter – great for taking to the gym, the office or to school. If you get tired of the taste of plain old water, I suggest mixing up your own fruit infused water at home. It will definitely help with cravings for sugary drinks. Just grab whatever fruit, fresh herbs or cucumber that you may have in your fridge and mix-up your own fruit-infused water. Fill-up your water bottle overnight for a deeper flavour infusion. Don’t have fresh fruit in-season? Frozen fruit also works well! A few of my favourite combos include:

  • Rosemary + Cucumber
  • Raspberry + Lemon
  • Strawberry + Basil
  • Lemon + Lime + Ginger
  • Raspberry + Mango
  • Blueberry + Rosemary


See how we created our own combinations in this cute little video here:  


What are your favourite combinations for fruit-infused water? How much water do you think you drink daily?

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  • I KNOW I don’t drink enough water – one of my issues is that I prefer hot drinks over cold and so I kind of just sip my drinks throughout the day. I usually have 1 coffee in the morning then tea or hot water or sometimes room temperature water throughout the day. Maybe if I make my water look prettier I’ll remember to drink more 😉

    • I try to drink at least 2.5 litres of water everyday. Your skin will look even more amazing and you have so much more energy when you’re hydrated. Maybe keep a glass at your desk?