Rock Your Crock Pot


My new French Bull Crock Pot!

By: Lisa Ng

I am one of the laziest cooks that you’ll ever meet.

Which is why I swear by my crock pot aka slow cooker when the weather gets cold. I prep everything the night before, refrigerate overnight and then pop it into the crock pot to cook all day. It’s the working girl’s solution to delicious home-cooked food that lasts a couple days and makes your house smell awesome.

Grocery shopping this weekend? Buy everything on Sunday, do your prep and you have dinner ready for Monday night. Mondays are a weakness for me. I’m always so exhausted from the weekend that I end up ordering pizza or eating out. Here’s a round-up of my favourite slow cooker recipes that I’ve tried before and use over and over again:


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1) Pulled Pork Sandwiches – Serve this sweet shredded pulled pork on a sesame egg bun, a handful of chips and a pickle spear for comfort food perfection. I usually add a bottle of my favourite beer to the mix to soak in. Top with coleslaw.


2) Cuban Braised Beef & Peppers with Rice – I love anything with avocados and this slow cooker braised beef pairs well with crunchy peppers. The smooth texture of avocado makes me do my happy dance. Serve over white or brown rice and sprinkle with fresh cilantro.


3) Chianti Braised Short Ribs with Polenta – There’s nothing like letting wine doing all the tenderizing for you and the two cups of Chianti wine in this recipe should do it. These Chianti Braised Short Ribs will be fall off the bone by the time you get home from work. For the sides, buy a tube of precooked organic polenta, slice and fry in some olive oil to get it crispy or roast it off in the oven. I like to serve this dish with crisp steamed green beans or steamed broccoli.


4) Chicken & Shrimp Jambalaya with Crispy Onions – I put my little twist on this Cajun classic by adding a can or crispy fried onions and fresh cilantro over the rice. This Jambalaya slow cooker recipes brings together a hearty combination of chicken, shrimp and sausage and is incredibly filling too.


What are your favourite slow cooker recipes? Do you have a link to share with me?


  • Christie

    I am most definitely trying all of these! They look delish!

    Thanks for sharing Lisa 🙂

  • Naddy

    I like the idea of the Jambalaya. Super easy to do!

    • I make a huge batch of it and freeze any extra in lunch-size portions. Serve with green beans or a salad and it’s perfect!