Weighing In: The Fitbit Aria Scale

fitbit scale review

I finally made the jump to the Fitbit and I’ve become obsessed with my Fitbit Alta fitness tracker. I’m aiming to get 10,000+ steps a day and have started making these small changes. I know I don’t hit it everyday, but it’s important to me that I’m trying.

The next step was investing into a scale that I was excited about and was accurate about my progress. Which is why I chose the Fitbit Aria Scale. If you’re already an active Fitbit user, the scale might be a great next step (pun intended). Here’s what I thought of the scale:


Records Your Weight

What I like most about the Fitbit Aria Scale is that it automatically and wirelessly records your weight for you into the Fitbit app. You can then go back and see your progress to check if you are losing or gaining weight. The scale connects to your local WiFi which then in turn connects to the app.

This is great because I used to record my weight with pen and paper into my day designer. Now I can skip that step and keep it private using the app.


Body Fat Index

The other thing that the Fitbit Aria Scale does that my old scale didn’t is show me my body fat index. I actually find this more motivating because when it seems like your body is 25% fat – you’re way more motivated to get to the gym and start lifting those weights to build up that muscle.


The Design

The scale is sleek and attractive, looks great in my bathroom and runs on 4 regular AA batteries you can find in any store. The top is made of glass with rounded corners and a big easy-to-read screen.

fitbit aria scale

Extra Users

The scale also lets you add up to eight additional users and can easily tell the difference between them based on weight.


The Price

The Fitbit Aria Scale retails for $130 which may seem pricey for a scale, but since I am a dedicated Fitbit Alta user – I am willing to pay the extra to have everything sync and integrate together in one app. I like that my scale can talk to my phone and show me my progress. I find that motivational.

Overall, I’m super happy with my scale – but more so because I’m an active Fitbit user. It is  on the pricey side, but I think it’s worth it because I use it almost every few days and tend to keep things like this for 5-10 years.


Do you have a Fitbit Aria Scale? What do you think about it?


Disclosure: I was sent a Fitbit Aria Scale to review, however the opinions expressed in this post always remain my own.

  • Elizabeth V

    Thanks for the review. While it does seem a bit pricey, I think I might add this to my birthday wish list.

  • Good Times Sloth

    I love ours, but it is a bit fickle with not always measuring body fat %. Sometimes it takes a few tries though. The extra users feature works very well, so if you live with somebody else who would take advantage of it, the price tag becomes more bearable.