Spa Life: Express Facial at Face Haus West Hollywood

face haus facial review

I had my very first express facial experience at Face Haus in West Hollywood last week and it was awesome. Don’t get me wrong, I love a long, luxurious day at the spa – but often times I’m so crunched that I can find a free day to devote to just the spa.


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What blowout salons did for great hair in 30 minutes, Face Haus plans to do with their efficient facials in the same amount of time. It’s perfect for people like me who need a quick fix and are looking for an affordable option. Facials here start at $55. You don’t have to get changed, you just show up and 2 seconds later, you’re in a comfortable reclining chair.

express facial

I dropped in for the De-Pimp My Ride ($55) because I had a few blackheads and zits I wanted dealt with. Many of their facials offer localized extractions, but you can opt for one that doesn’t if they really bother you.

My facial started with a pre-cleanser product by Dermalogica, followed by the Coconut Milk cleanser by high-end spa brand – Eminence. Which is a natural line out of Hungary that you’ll find in many hotel spas. Afterwards I was treated to a clear skin probiotic (think yogurt-based) masque and moistruizer also by Eminence. Next was a bright liquorice skin booster and a hyaluronic moisturizer.

I’m a big fan of microdermabrasion and have paid upwards of $150 for 30 minutes of treatment. At Face Haus, I got an add-on for $30 which lasted about 10 minutes and Cielo (my facialist) was able to do my whole face and suck up all those blackheads.

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If you’re looking for a boost, the Cool Blast add-on is only $10 and use a cold air blast and serum with plant peptides in it to hydrate the skin, close up pores and kill bacteria. Cielo massaged my face after with soothing cool globes for a relaxing finish.

Overall, I had a great experience at Face Haus – I love the express facial concept and I would definitely go again. The pricing was super affordable and I love that I can get microdermabrasion done without paying a fortune for it. I also liked that Face Haus did not skimp on the quality of the products that they used – Dermalogica and Eminence are all fantastic skincare brands.

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Face Haus currently has two locations in Los Angeles – one in West Hollywood and one in Studio City. To learn more visit: Face Haus online.