Would You DNA Test Your Dog?

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From the day we adopted our pup BINGO over two years ago – he was our little crazed terrier. We were pretty sure he was a Jack Russell Terrier mix of some sort because he’s so freaking smart, is high energy and just needs a lot of attention.

Paul and I always told people he was a terrier mix of some sort but we weren’t really sure what else he could be. So I reached out to the nice people at embark to ask if I could review one of their Dog DNA Tests to learn more about BINGO’s exact breed and more about his health.

Well, the results are in!

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BINGO is actually a poodle-chihuahua mix of some sort, with a few other breeds mixed in. I mean who knew? His hair is incredibly soft and poodle’s are known for being really smart. He’s also in love with all chihuahuas. BINGO loves playing with them and his best friend is also a chihuahua.

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I am SO glad that we finally did DNA test our dog and I wish I had done it sooner. All this time, he was a poodle mix! Since BINGO was found abandoned in South LA after about a year, we really just had no clue what breed he was. We also weren’t really sure about his age.

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What was super cool was that the Embark Dog DNA Test could tell me BINGO’s age and it turns out he’s 3.5 – which is what we had suspected. His bill of health also came back clean and there wasn’t anything in particular that he was at risk for.

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Overall, we had a really good experience with our Embark Dog DNA Test and it was pretty easy to use. We were sent a cute package in the mail and a vial of liquid, with a swab on the end to swab our dog’s cheek pockets.

It’s important not to let your pup eat 30 minutes before the test – so it doesn’t interfere with the results. The other thing to note, is that testing can take 4-6 weeks as the lab work takes time. But I got lots of great email updates along the way letting me know where they were in the process.

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If you’re thinking of doing it for your rescue pup, Embark has passed along this $30 off coupon for me to share with my readers. To learn more, visit Embark Dog DNA Test online.


Disclaimer: The test was provided to me for free, however the opinions expressed in this post and on my blog remain my own.