Easy Game Day Recipes + Party Ideas!

game day recipes

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We’re officially in football playoffs which means viewing parties almost every weekend until the big showdown on February 7th, 2016. What I love most is coming together with friends and sharing some amazing food.

If the thought of throwing a Sunday Football Party is daunting – don’t let it be. I’ve put together a few fun game day recipes and party ideas to get you #GameDayReady!

game day recipes chicken wings

Chicken Wings – A no-brainer and a must-have at any game day party. You can make them from scratch, but I generally buy them pre-made from the store and cook them from frozen. If you’re making all kinds of food for your party, this is the simplest route to go without overcomplicating things. I dress it up with cut up celery and baby carrots on a plate so it looks sort-of homemade 🙂

Veggie platter

Veggie Platter – If you have friends who are vegetarian or on a gluten-free diet, do put out some fresh veggies as an option. I like buy a party-sized veggie platter at a big warehouse store and lay it out on my own football-themed serving board.

mini chicken waffles sliders

Mini Chicken & Waffles Sliders – Want to impress your friends? These chicken and waffles sliders will definitely do the trick. Buy a bag of frozen popcorn chicken and vanilla mini waffles from the store. Bake off the chicken according to package directions, toast up your waffles in the toaster and then use a large toothpick to skewer your sliders together.

Chicken & waffles

Don’t forget to drizzle maple syrup all over the plate and over your sliders just before serving!

game day party ideas

Chips + Salsa – You seriously can’t go wrong with this game day combo and everyone loves a little crunch. I buy ready-made salsa and guacamole that all I have to do is just place everything into a pretty serving dish.

football koozie

Decorations – Stock up now on paper plates, napkins, cups and your favourite beverages to help make serving and clean-up a breeze. Hit up your local party store and grab what you can before things start selling out. Check out my adorable referee-themed koozie above!

smirnoff ice watermelon mimosa

Drinks – Take your drinks up a notch with fancy straws, glassware and coasters. For my homegating party, I served up Smirnoff Ice Watermelon Mimosa in pretty champagne flutes, a lime garnish and these cute straws. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your drinks, decor and game day recipes! Make sure to put out a variety of drinks and flavours for everyone to enjoy OR create a signature game day cocktail and let guests serve themselves.

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What are your favourite game day recipes and idea? Do you have a dish you always make?