Why I Am Choosing A Dry January


I recently wrote about how I’m moving towards a reducetarian lifestyle. Which made me also re-evaluate my alcohol intake and what else I was putting into my body.

I drank A LOT of beer in Portland.

It was really part of my everyday life there with over 70+ breweries within the Portland city limits. I wanted to try everything, sample all these new beers and ended up drinking a lot more beer than I usually do. Don’t even get me started about being 30 minutes away from Oregon wine country!

Fruit-Infused-Ice- Cubes-Water

A visit to a new neighbourhood, usually meant a visit to a new brewery and it was fun and interesting to see a new city this way. However, Oregon also has the highest rates of liver cancer deaths – almost twice the national average.

So obviously, I’m thinking this lifestyle isn’t sustainable and now that I’m back in Toronto for the next month or so, I am re-evaluating.

Which brings me to why I’m opting for a dry January.

After what feels like months of holiday indulgence, I’m giving my body break and breaking up with alcohol AND my soda addiction for the next 31 days. I think the alcohol thing will be pretty easy – but I’m also addicted to sugar and fizz when it comes to soda. That part is going to be hard.

Does this mean I plan on giving up alcohol or soda completely? 

Probably not.

But my goal is to completely reduce my intake and re-introduce it into my life in about month on occasion and I want to really enjoy drinking it and savouring it – instead of defaulting to it.

Here’s what I’m drinking instead:

I stopped keeping alcohol and soda in the house and re-stocked with La Croix, various sparkling water and kombucha. My back-up plan includes lots of iced tea, hot tea, decaf coffee, making fruit-infused water and other low calorie beverages.

Pressed juice and freshly squeezed juice is still ok.


I generally feel great when I’m not drinking.

I generally feel like crap and sluggish when I drink too much.

So I guess this is all about me finding that fine balance again and an equilibrium that works for me.


What do you think? Will you be cutting back on alcohol in the New Year? Have you thought about abstaining completely?