Weekend Brunch: DIY Coffee + Tea Station

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Are you getting all set for the holiday season?

I know many of you, myself included are hosting family and friends over Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. One of my favorite things to do is to host a killer post-Thanksgiving or post-holiday brunch! It’s just another way to make great memories and spend time with the people you love over great food.


The Menu

Definitely try to keep this simple. If you spent the night before cooking a big meal, you don’t want to have to do that all over again. Try something light, but hearty like this Avocado Toast + Egg recipe. You could even prep up a big family-size batch of these Breakfast Burritos that just need to be heated up in the oven.

You could also just do a simple menu of bacon and eggs with a side of pancakes and maybe a mimosa (or two!). To save time, cook your bacon in the oven and assign a family member to do the pancakes and another person to cook the eggs.


A DIY Coffee Bar + Tea Station

For something a little bit out of the ordinary, set-up a gourmet DIY Coffee Bar + Tea Station with lots of different toppings, creamers, and flavored coffee for your guests. Do make sure to leave out a set of Dixie® To Go cups for people who may have to run out early or would like to take an extra cup with them on the car ride home.

Set-up your station at brunch or even after your Thanksgiving meal so your guests can leave with a warm parting gift. It’s the little details that everyone appreciates it and you can crush it as a hostess without a lot of effort!


Here are a couple ideas of what to include in your DIY Coffee Bar + Tea Station:


1) Coffee – If you own a single-serve machine, put out a variety of flavors and decaf coffee for your guests to pick and choose from. Otherwise, brew up a big pot and keep it warm in a thermal carafe.


2) Tea – Offer a variety of teas including green, black, herbal and decaf teas. Set aside an electric kettle for guests to heat up their own hot water.


3) Creamers – Leave out containers of soy creamer, half & half and milk.


4) Sweeteners – Don’t forget to add a few small bowls of brown sugar, white sugar, honey, agave nectar, maple syrup or other sweeteners. I just pull out whatever I can find in my cupboard, dump them into ramekins with mini-spoons. For an extra touch, leave out a few lemon slices for your guests opting to have tea.


5) Toppings – Add a few fun toppings for your coffee drinkers like whipped cream, chocolate sprinkles and/or cinnamon. It’s definitely all about the little things when creating a killer DIY Coffee + Tea Station.


6) Cookies – Who’s going to say no to a cookie? If you have any leftover desserts or baked goods from your big feast from the night before, lay out a few cookies for your guests to enjoy with their beverage.


7) Hot Chocolate – For the little ones! Leave out a few packets of instant hot chocolate so the kids can get involved and make their own to-go cup.


A DIY Coffee + Tea Station is a great way to invite your guests to help themselves, make them feel at home and take the stress off your from having to serve and host everyone yourself. You can keep your station simple or go as over the top as you’d like!

Dixie® To Go cups are a great addition and a thoughtful way to send your guests on their way – with a delicious hot beverage of their choice. The lids are leak-resistant and the cups feature an insulated layer for those who have a long drive home. There’s no cleanup and no worries – so have more time to focus on the things that matter this holiday season!

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