DIY: Meat and Cheese Platter


Hosting a BBQ or picnic? I like to keep things simple and unfussy, which is why a DIY Meat and Cheese Platter or Charcuterie is my go-to for easy entertaining.

All you need:


1) Cheese – I like 2-3 different varieties and textures like a Brie, a cheddar, Havarti and maybe a Swiss. Those are general crowd-pleasers if you’re hosting a big group.

For the more adventurous, try a strong blue cheese, smoked Gouda or Oka. Cut the blocks into pretty triangles and arrange the slices in a line for your one-of-a-kind meat and cheese platter.

vegan cheese

2) Fruit – Anything in-season is a bonus! But go for grapes, peaches, figs, sliced green apple or pear, strawberries, melon and anything that tastes good with cheese and looks ripe at the store.

The more variety – the better the board. Cut everything up so it’s easy for guests to grab.


3) Dried Fruit & Nuts – Hit up a bulk store and buy dried apricots, pitted dates, pecans, walnuts or almonds to add a bit of flair to your meat and cheese platter


4) Meat – Order 150 grams each of different salami, proscuitto, hard dried spicy salami and refill the board as needed. Pate or fancy mortadella are also lovely.


5) Olives + Pickles – For a tangy bite. Scoop a big container from the deli.

6) Honey – Add a small ramekin of honey with a dipper so guests can drizzle honey on top of their cheese if they like.


7) Bread or Crackers – Put out big loaves of rustic bread like Italian, an olive foccacia or a French baguette. Cut a few slices to begin and leave a knife so people can cut their own. A basket of crackers are nice too.


8) Olive Oil – I also like to put out a small dish of olive oil with fresh rosemary inside it as a bread dipper.

double chive cheese

Style it! – Arrange the above on the biggest rustic wood cutting board that you own, leaving out lots of small spreaders and cheese knives. If you can label the cheese, even better!

cheese board

Add any candles you can find around the board.  Once your meat + cheese board is set up, pour yourself a big glass of wine, sit back, relax and enjoy your time catching up with guests.

A homemade meat and cheese platter is THAT easy!


What do you like to put on your meat and cheese platter? 



  • Christie

    This is adorable!
    My fiance and I do this all the time (since we started dating) and we call it our Stay at Home Romantic Date lol
    Some of our faves are bocconcini, brie and Piave (must try!) for cheese; as well as sopressata, smoked pancetta, proscuitto to name a few. We love garlic stuffed olives, sundried tomatoes, and pickles too.
    We always try a different bottle of wine, no matter what, just to make it more fun and exciting 🙂

    • Oh yum! I love sopressata. Have you gone to St. Lawrence Market and to all the antipasto bars there? It’s perfect to go and pick up a picnic before heading to Centre Island.

      • Christie

        That’s an awesome idea Lisa! I should definitely plan that before the summer is over. I have never been to Centre Island..can you believe it?! A picnic is the perfect reason to go 🙂

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