Dim Sum Dinner at Luckee Restaurant – Toronto


By: Lisa Ng

I miss dim sum.

Since moving to the Westside of Los Angeles, the closest acceptable dim sum restaurant to me is in Alhambra – almost 45 minutes away. Too far to satisfy a craving for dumplings.

So when my favourite fashion bloggers suggested Susur Lee’s Luckee Restaurant for a dim sum dinner, I booked in for a table immediately. It was lovely to catch up with Sharon Ng Hayes of The Backseat Stylers, Kimberly Lyn of The Souls of My Shoes, Nelia Belkova of Style Blog and meeting beauty blogger – Ever After Lacquer for the first time!

So when we were handed our dim sum menu, we started marking it up right away – Chinatown styles. Don’t do this. You can just tell your server what you want. The printed menu is ‘dim sum restaurant-inspired’ but not meant for you to go digging into your purse for a pen to mark up – which we did and laughed about with the server after. So here’s what we ate:


Har Gow ($7 for 4 pieces) – the steamed shrimp dumplings were delicious, though pricey compared to Chinatown dim sum standards. However the dumpling itself was meaty with juicy pieces of clean, deveined shrimp. The wrapper itself was very satisfying and chewy – we loved the dish so much, we ordered two.


Siu Mai ($7 for 4 pieces) – These chicken dumplings with shrimp were one of my favourite things off the menu, topped with a dramatic piece of scallop beckoning me to eat it. The dumpling itself was meaty and not overly fatty. Again a bit more than you would pay at your typical dim sum restaurant – but I think the quality of the ingredients really make up for this.


Shrimp Cheung Fun Rice Rolls ($9 for 6 pieces) – Cheung fun is my dim sum weakness and when you roll one of these crispy donuts in it with shrimp in the middle and douse the whole thing in a sweet soya sauce, you pretty much have a clear winner! We devoured the first plate and promptly ordered a second.


So a trip to Luckee Restaurant would not be complete without an order of The Luckee Duck ($38 for full-order for four). The Peking-style duck is served with mini-crepes and garnishes and so delicious! It really rounded out our dim sum dinner.


For our green vegetable we opted for the Wok Fried Green Beans ($12) with preserved olive vegetable. This was probably my least favourite as I found it a bit too salty for my taste, but everyone else seemed to enjoy it.


Long Xia Gow ($9 for 2 pieces) – Did someone say lobster dumplings? Yes please! A delicate lump of lobster meat is tenderly wrapped in a rice dumpling and we savoured every single bite. The service is on point and because there was five of us, the server was so kind to do an order of 5 dumplings instead. This was the same when we needed more of any other dumpling. I thought this was such a thoughtful and nice touch – especially when you don’t want to over order.


What do Toronto’s fashion bloggers do when we get together? We EAT!


Passion Fruit & Pineapple Coconut Mango Pudding ($7) with coconut mousse was the perfect light and refreshing finish to a decadent dinner. I loved the chunky bits of fruit paired with the creamy and tart pudding.


Chocolate Custard Steamed Sponge Roll ($4) with a hot chocolate sauce

I enjoyed every moment of my dim sum dinner at Susur Lee’s Luckee Restaurant and I would definitely go back again next time I’m in Toronto. There are still so many things I would like to try on the menu and I love the central downtown location.

It’s a great spot for meeting up with friends or clients and I found the pricing reasonable for an upscale Chinese restaurant like Luckee. I would even say that it’s my favourite Susur Lee restaurant to-date, but I just love dim sum so much and to eat it for dinner is a real treat.

Luckee Restaurant



Inside the SoHo Metropolitan Hotel (street level)