Chinese New Year High Tea

Chinese new year tea

One of my favourite hotels in Toronto is hosting a Chinese New Year High Tea to celebrate the Year of the Monkey. The Shangri-La Hotel has put together what looks like an amazing spread featuring sweet and savoury items.

The Chinese New Year High Tea will be available at The Shangri-La Hotel in Toronto from February 8th – 21st. The menu will feature items like fried dumplings, rice rolls, matcha and red bean cake, a matcha tea sponge, red bean reduction and green tea cream; warm sesame balls with crispy glutinous rice, lotus seeds paste and toasted golden sesame seeds and tropical bombe, a passion fruit bavarois, calamansi center and coconut crunch. A vegetarian tea menu will also be available.

Additionally, there will a traditional Lion Dance in the lobby lounge on February 8th at 2:30 PM. Following the performance, a traditional Chinese trio featuring Miriam Sue playing the guzheng -a Chinese plucked zither, Frederick Yiu playing the dizi- a Chinese flute and Amely Zhou playing the erhu- a two-stringed bow instrument will perform at 3:30 PM.

This would be a lovely afternoon to spend with your parents or grandparents. Chinese New Year High Tea is $44 per person or $25 per child and is served daily from 2-5 PM in the Lobby Lounge.

dim sum

Craving a late night snack? The Lobby Lounge will feature signature cocktails and a special dim-sum sampler which includes four varieties of dim-sum from a vegetarian option featuring deep fried mushroom bean curd, the classic siu mai comprised of steamed pork and scallops, a chicken siu mai option and har gow made of steamed shrimp and ginger dumplings for $16. The late night dining menu starts at 9 PM until midnight nightly and will be complimented with live music.

For more information or to make reservations – call 647-788-8888 or


Photo credit: Teddy Chau