The Captain’s Boil – Toronto

Captain's Boil toronto

By: Natalia Dziubaniwsky

It’s not everyday that one gets to spend an evening on a ship, let alone a pirate ship.

And why was I on a ship you ask? Because there be treasures onboard – a pirate’s booty of seafood. The Captain’s Boil was celebrating the launch of a few new menu items and we were welcomed aboard to sample them.

Lobster Roll captain's boil

While on deck we were introduced to two new dishes that will be added to their menu this month; lobster rolls and lobster bisque. Their rolls stray a bit from a traditional roll which consists of a creamy blend of lobster. The Captain’s Boil version reminds me of a BLT – lobster style – with a lightly toasted bun, chunks of lobster, bacon and lettuce.

Lobster Roll-captain's boil

Blimey! I love bacon in everything and my taste buds were definitely satisfied with the pairing, however, I am on the fence about whether the bacon may be at risk of competing too much with the flavours of the lobster.

Lightly spiced, their bisque is a bowl of creamy comfort food with small bits of lobster.

Mixed Berry Soju cocktail

No pirate party would be complete without some libations. The fruit infused soju cocktails went down easy and were a refreshing treat in the summer sun.

Their original menu consists of a smorgasbord of seafood to choose from: everything from lobster, mussels and clams, to crawfish, Dungeness, snow and king crab.

Inspired by a Cajun seafood boil, guests can select their choice of seafood and their pick of flavours: Cajun (a blend of Cajun spices, including cayenne pepper, paprika and more), lemon pepper (lemon zest mixed with black pepper), garlic sauce (roasted garlic with melted butter) and the signature Captain’s Boil (a combination of their three sauces).

Add-ons and sides are also available such as fries, corn, okra and Cajun seafood fried rice.

summer lobster rolls

The prices for new menu items are as follows:

  • Lobster Roll and Lobster Bisque combo for $14.95 
  • Lobster Roll (with Cajun or regular fries) for $12.95
  • Lobster Bisque (8oz) for $5.95


The Captain’s Boil has over 20 locations in Canada (with more to come), including several in major cities like Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal.


— Natalia Dziubaniwsky