Camping Meal Ideas

camp coffee over the fire

I’ve started camping again and I have been obsessed with finding gourmet and fun camping meal ideas. It’s one of the parts I really enjoy.

I like camping meals that taste great, but are also easy to prepare over a fire or on our mini camp stove. It also has to fit into our cooler and doesn’t require too many ingredients. I’m also totally ok with pre-made stuff too – Trader Joe’s camping meal ideas are all over my camping meal plan.

Looking for camping meal ideas? Here’s what I cooked on our last camping trip!

mixed berry bowl breakfast

Breakfast – Mixed Berry Bowl

This is a super-easy gluten-free camping breakfast idea packed full of fibre and protein. I like layering mixed berries in a Mason jar, adding almond butter, these hemp seeds and slivered almonds. The jars travel well in the cooler.

I bring along a carton of almond milk and pour it over my berry ‘bowl’ in the morning and served it up with some hot coffee. We get lazy and make this instant coffee from Starbucks. If you haven’t tried it, it’s actually really good!

I bought this over the fire grill off Amazon and this red enamel coffee pot that’s also a percolator and the matching red enamelware mugs.

trader joe's salads

Lunch – Trader Joe’s Salads

Not gonna lie, Trader Joe’s has some seriously great grab & go camping meal ideas. The pre-made lunch salads I pick up and eat on day one. They’re healthy, require minimal clean-up and under $5! See the Top 10 Things I Buy at Trader Joe’s.


Snack – Hard Boiled Eggs, Apple Slices, Trail Mix + Beef Jerky

I usually slice up an apple and put them in a small snack baggy for the car ride. I also like to boil and peel a few hard-boiled eggs for a healthy snack. Add in a bag of beef jerky and some trail mix and you’re set for camping snacks!

camping pad thai meal ideas

Dinner – Pad Thai with Stir-Fried Vegetables

I found this delicious dehydrated Pad Thai online and it was surprisingly good and filling at about 450 calories per serving (with 2 servings in the bag) I boiled the water in our kettle over our camp stove and the noodles cooked directly in the bag.

I picked up a small bag of pre-seasoned frozen Asian vegetables and stir-fried them in the small frying pan that I bought over our camp stove again. The frozen veggies were great for keeping the cooler cold as well.


Campfire Snack – Chamomile Tea + S’mores

avocado egg bacon breakfast sandwich

Breakfast – Bacon, Eggs + Avocado English Muffin with Mason Jar Fruit Salad

I picked up some sourdough English muffins at Trader Joe’s, 1/2 a ripe avocado, a pack of bacon and a few eggs that I pre-cracked into a Mason Jar for easy transport. The result were these delicious Breakfast Sandwiches. I served it up with a homemade fruit salad that I separated into three jars, one for each morning.


Mason Jar Fruit Salad

camping meals trader joe's gyoza

Lunch – Frozen Gyoza with Chopped Scallions

Trader Joe’s delivers again. Pick-up a pack of frozen fully cooked shrimp gyoza and pre-chop a Ziploc baggy of chopped scallions. Pan-fry over a campfire or stove and voila! An easy lunch!

baked potatoes campfire meal ideas

Dinner – Loaded Baked Potatoes with Chopped Scallions, Salsa, Shredded Cheddar Cheese. Sauté Sausage Skillet with Organic Swiss Chard

Baked potatoes are one of the easiest things to cook over a campfire. Wash and wrap your potatoes in heavy duty foil before your trip and cook over the coals at least an hour before dinner. Bring a jar of salsa, a bag of shredded cheese and use your chopped scallions for toppings. Don’t forget to pack salt & pepper!

sausage skillet camping meals

For the sausage skillet, I bought fully cooked chicken sausage and sliced them up at home before our trip and put them in a big Ziploc bag. This way I could just dump everything in the pan and just cook. No prepping or chopping. If there’s anything you can prep ahead of time, I highly recommend it!

swiss chard saute camping meals

For the Swiss Chard, I washed and chopped it all up before our trip, put it in a bag and dumped into our frying pan with some minced garlic and did a quick sauté.


Campfire Snack – Pilsbury Mini Cinnamon Rolls + Kombucha

Yes, you can put a mini Pilsbury cinnamon roll on a roasting stick and ‘bake it’ over the fire. Try it – it’s amazing. Since I was taking a wee break from drinking, I sipped on some refreshing kombucha while lounging by the fire.

camping breakfast burritos

Breakfast – Breakfast Burritos + Mason Jar Fruit Salad

I had full intentions of making my own breakfast burritos, but honestly – when you’re packing for a camping trip and trying to get all your work done beforehand…it DOESN’T happen. So I bought frozen pre-made breakfast burritos from you guessed it – Trader Joe’s! I wrapped them in heavy duty foil and cooked them over the campfire coals in the morning.

mason jar fruit salad

Served it up with my last Mason jar fruit salad.

Lunch – In Bend, Oregon

For lunch we were flexible and wanted to grab lunch somewhere in Bend and ate at the BEST Hawaiian BBQ joint. Don’t be afraid to build in a meal out here and there into your schedule as a nice treat.

bacon wrapped hot dogs campfire camping

Dinner – Bacon-Wrapped Hot Dogs

You know those bacon-wrapped hot dogs you see everywhere in LA after a late night of drinking? Well we took the bacon we bought for breakfast and wrapped them around hot dogs, secured the ends with toothpicks and roasted them over a campfire – delicious! Serve with a bagged salad – it’s one of my favourite camping meals.


Other Camping Meal Ideas + Hacks:

Corn on the Cob  – Cooks very easily over the fire!

Whole Foods Deli Salad Bar – I like buying small containers of different salads from the Whole Foods Salad Bar and get them put into plastic containers, before I put them in a plastic produce bag to keep them dry in the cooler.

Hot Dogs Wrapped in Crescent Roll Dough – You can wrap Pilsbury crescent roll dough around your hot dogs or just weave them around your roasting stick and have them ‘bake’ over the fire.


What do you like to cook when you go camping?

  • Those are great ideas!! We’ve also recently discovered TJ’s salads as good road trip/on-the-go lunches/snacks. They are pretty small so we’ve combined with their sushi sets!

    I love the jar breakfast idea and sometimes do that (like chia seed coconut milk pudding) even at home!

    I haven’t been camping in ages, now I want to!

    • I just moved to Oregon and there’s just so much amazing stuff to do outside that we’ve been camping like crazy just to take advantage of all the great weather!

      I need to try a chia seed pudding with coconut milk next 🙂

  • Great ideas! You’re inspiring my next camping trip. I’m a big fan of making pancake batter the day before camping, bringing it in a mason jar and cooking pancakes on a cast iron skillet over the fire. It’s super easy and feels decadent when you’re covered in grime!

  • What an awesome collection of tasty camping ideas!! I grew up here and have had my fill of regular camping so we don’t camp much, but the next time we do, I’ll be checking this post first when we plan our camping food!

  • Now I kind of want to go camping! Haha… all these food options look awesome, such variety! If only we had TJs in Canada… sigh 🙂

    • Oh man! I feel your pain. When I was living in Toronto, I would stock up on so much TJ’s junk food whenever I flew down to the US. It’s sort of reminds me of President’s Choice Products a little too!

  • Erin Lynch

    That is truly a gourmet camping trip! What great ideas. Those mixed berry bowls with milk poured over them sound simply divine even when not camping!