Easy Butternut Squash Soup

butternut squash soup

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By: Natalia Dziubaniwsky

With winter coming, I wanted to try a new butternut squash soup recipe and recently had the chance to partner up with Sears on their Kenmore Pro Heavy Duty Professional Blender.

I was really surprised to learn that this blender can create a hot soup from raw ingredients with no pre-cooking required. Somewhat skeptical about this, I chose a quick and easy butternut squash soup recipe to test this feature. Since I’m nowhere near Martha Stewart in the kitchen, I’m all about simple step meals.


Easy Butternut Squash Soup

Serves 4



  • 500g butternut squash, peeled, de-seeded & chopped
  • 1 cup Vegetable stock or water
  • 1/2 small onion, peeled and quartered
  • ½ tsp Nutmeg
  • ½ tsp Cumin
  • Salt & Pepper to taste
  • Pumpkin seeds (optional)
  • Parsley (optional)
  • Coconut milk (optional)



  1. Place onion, stock or water, nutmeg and cumin into blender jug.
  2. Turn on low speed and add the butternut squash slowly through the small opening in the lid. Gradually increase speed to maximum.
  3. Once all ingredients are pureed, blend on maximum for 5 minutes, or until steaming.
  4. Season to taste and garnish your butternut squash soup to your liking (I added coconut milk, pumpkin seeds and parsley).



With a 1450-watt motor, stainless steel blades and a 2 litre BPA free container, the Kenmore Pro Heavy Duty Professional Blender is more than a one trick pony. This multipurpose blender can be used to make dips, soups, sauces, desserts such as ice cream (yes, ice cream! #win), cocktails, juices, baby food, nut milks and butters.

As promised, the machine was able to blend and heat raw ingredients to make a steaming bowl of my butternut squash soup that was literally ready-to-eat in less than 10 minutes. I was impressed by how super easy it was to use and how well it pureed all of the ingredients to a velvety smooth consistency.


I did have to use the tamper one time early on in the blending stage to dislodge some ingredients stuck under the blades. But this was easily solved and later avoided by making sure I gradually increased the speed as more ingredients were added to the blender.

The container lid has a really good seal and the motor base is weighted and very sturdy even at the maximum speed level. I like that the functions on the blender are very basic and not at all complicated to use or figure out.


A neat little feature is the electrical cord curls back up under the machine for clean storage. It was a bit awkward to do, but much better than wrapping the cord around the machine or having a loose bulky cord. The machine is loud and larger than a personal sized blender, but this is to be expected with such a high-powered and heavy duty machine.

I love the potential versatility of this blender and that it eliminates the need to buy several different appliances. At $149.99, it is a great value and a very competitive price; making it a nice gift or great addition to your personal kitchen.


I can’t wait to use it again to try more recipes! The Kenmore Pro Blender can be purchased at Sears.

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