Weekend Brunch: The Windsor Arms Hotel – Toronto


By: Shelby Morrison

Brunch is one of life’s greatest pleasures. So what’s better than just a brunch menu?

A brunch buffet.

I was so thrilled to be invited to the Windsor Arms Hotel in Toronto to try their Sunday brunch buffet. A whole spread filled with delicious cuisine was laid out in front of me as I entered the grand room. Here’s what to expect…


Once seated, we were greeted by the charming waiter who offered us mimosas, coffee or tea. We opted for plain orange juice, coffee for the mister, and green tea for me. Also, eggs benedict and eggs Benjamin (smoked salmon) were made to order, if we were so inclined. There was enough food at the brunch buffet, so we passed on this.


As I walked up to the buffet, I didn’t know where to begin! There were a variety of stations including bread, seafood, salad, hot food, and your typical breakfast selections, but more on this below.

I hopped over to the omelet station where the most helpful and pleasant staff member served me. I chose ingredients for my omelet (mushrooms, spinach, onions, cheese), and the gentleman delivered it to my table once it was ready. I then made my way to the bread station, in which there were many varieties. I chose a very buttery roll with sundried tomatoes.


No brunch is complete without pancakes and French Toast, in my opinion. Corn flake crusted French toast topped with maple syrup was absolutely scrumptious. I have a huge sweet tooth and love having sweets at brunch. This being said, I also served myself some bread pudding, which was definitely out of this world. It was very sweet and rich, but in the most perfect way.


As for savoury items, the beef short rib on a polenta cake was succulent and flavourful. I also dipped into some salmon, as well as cold shrimp, and kale salad, just to be a little healthy. The highlight of the brunch was probably the carving station, which offered turkey, lamb, and roast beef. Each meat was sliced right in front of you, and although I was filling up, I went for all three. They were each cooked perfectly and were incredibly tasty.


The dessert table was not to be missed. The entire table was filled with pastries and cakes, in which I indulged. The cheesecake topped with fresh fruit was my favourite.

If you are looking for a beautiful, relaxed brunch buffet, check out the Windsor Arms Hotel in Toronto on Sundays. Make sure to wear your stretchy pants, but know that it will be worth it!

— Shelby Morrison