Boot Camp


By: Lisa Ng

At one point last summer, I contemplated throwing down $300 for a pair of brown leather combat boots.

I am SO glad I didn’t do that.

I was sent a pair of these black canvas boots that were a hybrid between a comfortable high-top sneaker, but looked like a combat boot from my friends at Palladium Shoes.

I fell in love with them instantly.


The first day I wore them, a teenaged girl on the street stopped me to ask me where my shoes were from – whicn never happens with any of the casual flats you’ll usually find me in. So they got the teenager stamp of approval for coolness and I was ridiculously comfortable.


My Mono Chrome Baggy were versatile too – you can wear them like high-top boots or fold down the canvas for a more relaxed and casual look. They’re also not as clunky as the $300 combat boots I almost bought. Did I mention that my Palladium Boots retail for only $80? Definitely loving the price point and they’re perfect for a back-to-school or college wardrobe – especially for trudging across campus.


I like pairing my new boots with these leggings or with a sun dress and my leather jacket if I’m going out late at night. I chose black because it was the most versatile for my wardrobe, but the collection comes in a myriad of colours and styles.


You can see them all online at: