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Big Magic Elizabeth Gilbert Book Club Questions

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I have a little Book Club I run with some friends in Marina del Rey and I’ve just put together my Big Magic Discussion Questions so everyone can join along! Big Magic – Creative Living Beyond Fear is the latest book by Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat Pray Love.

The book is set-up like a bunch of helpful essays providing insight and advice on living a creative life. I found Big Magic exceptionally helpful because it gives me permission, it dumbs things down and presents things from a different angle which make a whole whack of sense.

Because the book was made up of essays, it was a stop and go read. I would pick it up, forget about it and could pick it right back up again. If you’re thinking of reading Big Magic for your own book club, check out Big Magic Discussion Questions below:

Big Magic Discussion Questions

1) What did you like about the book?


2) What did you not like about the book?


3) Did you find the book easy to read? Did you like the essay format?


4) Which part of the book or concept in the book called out the most to you?


5) Was there a concept you disagreed with?


6) Tell us about a creative endeavour you once pursued or currently pursue. Did you stop? Why? Are you thinking about pursuing it again?


7) How have friends, parents and family members reacted to your creative career/job/lifestyle or hobby?


8) Have you ever made money from your art?


9) Have you ever gone or thought about going to school for your art? Do you think it’s necessary? Have you considered going to grad school for your art?


10) How do you personally face fear?


11) How do you deal with negativity when it comes to your art and your life?


12) Do you believe in the ‘tormented artist’ stereotype? Have you seen it played out by a person you know? Did it help his or her art?


13) What are your current creative goals?


Please share your thoughts in the comments! Hope you enjoyed my Big Magic Discussion Questions. You can pick up the book on Amazon here.

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