My New “Wear With Everything” Blundstone Boots

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By: Tamika Auwai

Steady approaching the cooler side of 35, I know one thing for sure.

No matter how much you love your wardrobe of gorgeous four inch stilettos, one day you will find yourself reaching for shoes that keep you closer to the ground.

It’s inevitable ladies.


Eventually your tootsies will revolt, and it might be sooner than you think. When that happens, you’ll crave a shoe that doesn’t require a sit down break every 30 paces, one that’s versatile and adds some interest to your current wardrobe. Let me introduce you to my flat-soled, footwear fave, Blundstone Boots.

Way more functional than any item of footwear I’ve ever owned, Blundstone was nowhere near my radar until I previewed their 2013 collection at The Australian Boot Company, a niche footwear boutique with locations in Toronto and Vancouver.

boots blundstone

It wasn’t love at first sight. Blundstone’s aesthetic is unapologetically rugged and outdoorsy, not my thing. I was skeptical that they would integrate easily amongst my existing, very feminine, wardrobe. Several years and countless outfits later, I’m a major fan who can confirm they really do go with everything and GAWD are they comfortable!

The entire Blundstone collection is designed to be highly durable, lightweight and unisex. Though there are ladies, men and children’s sizing, the styles themselves (pull-on, thick elastic ankle detail, all leather, hardy sole) are the same for all. They take a little bit of working in but after that the leather gets even better and more comfy with age plus they wear great through all seasons. Seriously!

grey blundstone boots

My steel grey pair look great with skinnies (cuffed at the hem, socks peeking out), cut-off shorts, and skirts both long and short — even the glam ones. I remember hosting an event not long after our love affair sparked. I wore my Blundstones during set-up with my chosen outfit, a flouncy white skirt and metallic knit sweater, planning to change into a pair of sparkly pumps before guests arrived.

blundstone style

As it came close to go time, my feet couldn’t bear the thought of standing in heels all night. I played rebel keeping them on and ended up receiving tons of compliments that night and still do anytime I wear them out on the town. They add just the right dash of unexpected masculine to your tailored or dressier looks. Experimenting is a must.

blundstone boots toronto

Test drive a pair of Blundstone Boots yourself at The Australian Boot Company located at 698 Queen West and 2644 Yonge Street in Toronto, 1967 West 4th Avenue in Vancouver or visit for a retailer near you.

Prices range from $110 – $250.



Tamika Auwai is sassy Leo and creative entrepreneur with a penchant for personal style.