The Best Eye Makeup Remover


We’re rounding-up the best eye makeup remover!

So I’ve been on the hunt for the best eye makeup remover. Racoon eyes would be an understatement. Clearly, my current product is not cutting it – so I turned to my favourite beauty bloggers to share their favourites!


1) Bioderma Sensibio H20. It’s a micelle cleanser. Gets every bit of makeup off, including stubborn eye makeup. Just do NOT get it in your eyes — owwwww! — Janine Falcon, Beautygeeks


2) Ok so for the expensive – I really like Shu Uemura Cleansing Oils but they are $79 + (ouch!). For inexpensive my favourite for years has been this one from Avon – you can get it for regular price at $3.99 but it often goes on sale for $1.99 or even $0.99! — Elaine Atkins, TO Beauty Reviews


3) I really like Bioderma Sensibio lately combined with Shiseido Facial Cotton. I find the Bioderma gets everything off without being greasy or stinging my eyes… it’s really gentle. And I basically cannot live without Shiseido Facial Cotton. Not only are they extremely high quality, but I did the math and they actually work out to be cheaper than those random drugstore cotton pads. — Michelle Villett, Beauty Editor


4) Maybelline Clean Express! Makeup Remover Wipes. I only need one wipe to easily take off my foundation and mascara, and they leave my sensitive skin feeling very fresh and clean which is great when you just want to go right to bed after a late night. They are oil-free and allergy and dermatologist tested. There’s no excuse for going to bed without washing your face when you have these handy! — Daniela DiStefano, Freelance Beauty Writer


5) I’m a big believer in using a waterproof makeup remover, even when I’m not wearing waterproof eye makeup – I just think it’s gentler on the lashes and keeps them from being yanked out from too much rubbing.

I love Lancôme Bi-Facial, but it’s pretty pricey so there are others I’ve found that work just as well including: Vichy Purete Thermale Waterproof and Marcelle Essentials Gentle Make-Up Remover for Sensitive Eyes. — Lisamarie, Beauty Crazed


What’s your best eye makeup remover pick and why? Are there any special properties that make it work well? Share with our readers in our comments!




  • Guest

    Got Bioderma in my eyes today. Too painful..

    • Ouch! I have sensitive eyes too from wearing contact lenses for so long. I just tried a new micelle cleanser from Vichy and so far, so good!

  • Bonnie @ Bonnie & Beauté

    My personal favorites are Mary Kay® Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover (17.50$) and Respectissime by La Roche Posay (about 30 Euros) Both of them are gentle waterproof makeup remover.

  • RockPaperBeauty

    For waterproof mascara that won’t come off, I like Makeup For Ever Sens’ Eyes.

  • Shay McKinley

    See I was using makeup remover wipes for the longest time, until my skin finally dried out. It was such a process to use wipes, then cleanser, then moisturizer. My skin was not happy with me at all. My mom actually told me to start using Albolene, since it does the job of my wipes, cleanser and moisturizer. I didn’t really believe her since it was my mom of all people telling me what makeup remover to use. But I guess mother does know best. But seriously it’s super effective in getting all my makeup off and still leaving my skin completely moisturized. Super helpful for my fellow women out there that are a little lazy at night to do a million beauty hacks.

  • RachelPoo

    Awesome products!