Beach House Update: The Home Stretch!

home stretch shibori bedroom

After months of construction, design decisions and strategy – Paul and I are finally in the home stretch of getting our beach house ready to list on airbnb! Here’s what’s been happening lately:

Delays, Delays, Delays

As all things construction-related go, there will be delays. We were originally supposed to close on our house the third week of December, but excessive rain, ice storms, and snowstorms did not make for ideal conditions. Portland had the rainiest October on record! Additionally, a lot of trades were snowed in and could not get out to the coast to work on the house.

Throw in Thanksgiving, the Christmas holidays and New Years and things are inevitably going to be delayed. On top of that, Paul and I booked an extremely last-minute trip to Florida right before New Years to see family which only further complicated our timeline.

shibori bedroom headboard

But We CLOSED On Our House!

But we did close on our house the day after we returned from Florida during a two-day window of time we were home in Portland at the start of January. After which, we were off to LA for 10 days for a visit and work trip for Paul. Once we got back from in LA in mid-January, my parents flew in for 2 weeks to help us set-up the house, clean and assemble furniture. There was just no way Paul and I could’ve done this all ourselves.

blue bathroom vanity

4 Weeks to Go

We are now at the start of February and are hoping to get the beach house listed on airbnb by March 1st – about a month later than we originally expected, which is fine. February isn’t exactly a booming month for rentals. We figured we might as well take our time and really do this right.

backyard patio stones wood deck

The Budget Death Spiral

If you’ve renovated a home before, you might relate to the point where you feel like your budget is in a death spiral. That was us yesterday. Why doesn’t everyone just buy an airbnb and do this? Well, because our initial budget of $10-15,000 to decorate and furnish a whole house is getting a little closer to $20,000. We will deal, but just a heads-up – that’s what it takes unless you do everything from Ikea.

We spent a little extra on getting nicer mattresses, decent bar stools, a glass shower door, interesting tiles in the bathrooms, and upgrading from the builder basic that came with the house. We hope these small little design touches will differentiate us from the competition and make us stand out more in the off-season. The jury is still out on whether any of these upgrades were worth it.

barn door home depot

So What’s Left?

1) Glass Shower Doors – We just ordered our glass shower doors and it takes about 2 weeks for everything to come in and then they will come in and install.

2) Vacation Rental Dwelling License – We’ve put our paperwork in through the city and they will send an inspector through next week to check out the space. We are anticipating about a 3-4 week turnaround for our license.

3) More Furniture! More Decorating! – We still have a bit more furniture left to buy and assemble. Then we need to take some time to style up the space and put in those personal touches to make it feel like a home. On the top of my list right now are blinds, curtains and other window coverings. You don’t realize how tedious it is until you have to outfit an entire house at once!

4) Fireplace Wall Treatment – We are having some reclaimed wood put up above the fireplace to make the wall pop. I think it’s going to be done by the end of this week and I’ll definitely be sharing photos on my Instagram.

5) Photo Shoot – I found a great architectural photographer who specializes in real estate photography and he is going to drive out to the coast and do a professional photo shoot for us. I think this will be totally worth it because the pictures sell the space and I would prefer to have someone come in and do this for us.

fez blue tiles granada tile

So that’s the latest for now! Thanks again for following along on our little airbnb project. I’ll have another update for you soon and I’ll have more sneak peeks on my Instagram!



  • It is looking so fabulous!!! You are doing a great job! It is SO hard to decorate a whole house at once, I had forgotten how much work we did on our townhouse 4+ years ago but now doing a whole house, I am overwhelmed! But it’s fun!

    • I am with you! I’m overwhelmed by all the big things but I’m excited about finally getting to all the little things!