Beach House Design Ideas: The Master Bathroom


I considered this mermaid tile for a second, but $$$

We bought a beach house last month and decided to turn it into an airbnb.

Construction is already under way in the Olivia Beach community and we are 2.5 months away from completion! Which means I have about another 2-3 weeks to finish up any design decisions, figure out paint colours, order the bathroom vanities, floor tiles, shower tiles and finish pricing out the engineered hardwood.

Here’s what the Powder Room + Kitchen will look like. My next project?

blue beach master bathroom

The Master Bathroom! I really wanted a showpiece tile in blue that would give it a beachy, relaxing spa-like vibe without the traditional seashell and seahorse theme you might think of.

This was the original glass tile inspiration I spotted on Pinterest (above) via House Beautiful. I sourced the supplier as Ann Sacks and when I dropped by their Portland showroom, they quoted me $20,000 for ONE wall similar to this size.

That’s right. I’m not adding an extra ZERO in there. This is handcrafted, hand-painted tile and waaaaay out of our budget. So I had to let that dream die right then and there.


Instead, I’ve been looking at a less-expensive Moroccan Fez Tile from Granada Tile in Los Angeles in a blue and white theme. Here’s what it looks installed in a shower (above). I would likely only do one big feature wall and do the side walls in white subway tile with floor to ceiling glass shower doors.

However, they are super heavy. Like 450 lbs heavy. I’m also worried they might fade with water hitting it all the time in the shower. Has anyone installed cement tile inside a shower before?


via Style At Home

I was also considering just doing the whole shower in white subway tile (like above) and installing the Fez Tile as flooring to have it make more of an impact right away when you enter the master bathroom. My reasoning for this is that the shower isn’t the first thing you see right away, you have to turn right and it’s hidden around the corner – hence the lack of impact if it’s all tucked away.

Doing the shower in white subway tile would save me a bit of money, but the Fez floor tile still rings in at about $850 with shipping. I’d still have to pay for the glass shower doors and the install. Here’s what the Fez tile would look like on the floor (above).


Here’s another floor install via Amber Interiors


Then to contrast all that white and blue, I’m thinking of a natural wood like an oak for the vanity to break things up a bit. It also feels a bit beachy like a surf shack. Here’s one from Pottery Barn that I like – but pricey. The goal would be to find something like this for way less.


The complete budget option would be this from Ikea for $700 – top included.


Will add a few beach touches like these wall hooks.

So that’s where we are at for the master bathroom! Tiles have to be ordered by next week – luckily they are in-stock and will ship within the week. It’s the vanity I think will be harder to find. Tag me on Instagram (@ThisBeautifulDay) if you have any suggestions for me!