Beach House Design Ideas: The Kitchen


The inspiration from Nicole Davis Interiors

We bought a beach house last month and construction is moving along quickly! On our last visit the foundation was poured, the house had been framed, the plumbing was put in and we did our electrical walk through to figure out where all the lights and switches will go.

We’ve had a great experience thanks to the amazing team at Olivia Beach. I know we are spoiled, because with any other builder – it is rare to be allowed this much customization.

I made some decisions on the design of our main floor powder room already.

My next project?

beach kitchen

via Homepolish

The kitchen! I knew I wanted an all-white kitchen with marble countertops and a white stone backsplash. I also wanted the kitchen to be stylish and unique and not feel like your typical suburban kitchen. I also need to it to pop in photos and look great on airbnb.

The Countertops

Marble doesn’t make any sense for a vacation rental. There’s a lot of upkeep and you’re at risk of staining. Paul and I chose to upgrade from granite to a marble-style Quartz countertop. It doesn’t stain and is much more low-maintenance and it still looks great!


Love this kitchen from Abby Lawson

The Backsplash

I have my heart set on a fun hexagon design made of marble carrera. Since it’s a backsplash, we don’t need a lot – so hopefully it won’t end up being too expensive. I’ve always loved the hexagon and I think this is a subtle way to achieve it.


via Schoolhouse Electric

The Hardware + Faucet

I’m not too keen on a hard beach theme. I really like the idea of getting brushed gold hardware and a gold faucet. I think it would add a bit of character to the kitchen and look great in photos. Yes, there’s the risk it will be dated in 10 years – but then it’s just a quick change out of hardware and likely a faucet we will want to replace anyway.


via Better Homes & Gardens

The Sink + Appliances

We went with a classic large farmhouse sink. In terms of appliances, we upgraded to stainless steel from Frigidaire. I was worried about the stainless steel clashing with the gold, but I think it’ll be fine.

So that’s where we are at for now! Any kitchen ideas or suggestions?


  • Jennifer Miller

    All very nice choices, very similar to what we did in our rental, except for the gold fixtures, I debated between silver and black wrought-iron. The gold will look nice if you have some other gold accents like lighting or in the chairs like in the photos, that will draw the eye away from the stainless steel and will look great!

    • I think I’ll have to carry the gold theme over to accent pieces in the living room and such. Luckily the stainless steel fridge is tucked away a bit in a corner, so it will mainly be the over the range microwave and stove that will stand out. However, I really didn’t want white appliances. Hopefully it will look ok!