Bang Sue Bar by Khao San Road – Toronto

bang sue bar toronto

By: Natalia Dziubaniwsky 

Toronto’s Khao San Road has recently moved into a new home in the city. With this change of address, a new venture and addition to the Khao Sand Road family has been born: Bang Sue Bar.

Khao San Road is one of my top picks and go-to places for delicious Thai cuisine in Toronto. When the invitation came to sample some of their classic menu items and try their new offerings at Bang Sue, I knew I had to be there.

bang sue bar menu

Bang Sue Bar is located right above Khao San Road’s new restaurant space. It takes its name and inspiration from the northern most subway stop in Bangkok; an area recognized for its markets and stalls.

The design of the bar area is reminiscent of a cabana or mobile food stall. Here they will be serving Thai-inspired snack foods, small and shareable plates, along with unique cocktails crafted using ingredients found in Thai dishes such as lime leaf, galangal, chili, coconut and Thai tea.

bang sue bar toronto menu

I filled my belly with many sample plates to get a sense of their menu – but honestly, I really just like their food and it was a good excuse to eat as much of it as possible! Here’s a look at my favourite plates (note dishes distinguished with KSR are from the Khao San Road menu):

bang sue bar toronto caramel popcorn

4-Flavour Caramel Corn (sweet, sour, salty and spicy popcorn) – Ok guys, this one really surprised me and in the best way possible. All of the flavours worked so well together to make a seriously addictive snack. I kept reaching for kernel after sweet and spicy kernel.

KSR Potato Salad (crispy potato, chili, herbs, fish sauce) – Like many of KSR’s dishes, this one brings some heat. This plate is not what I expected it was going to be and I was pleasantly surprised with it. The potato is very thinly sliced (I liken them to Hostess Hickory Sticks) and mixed with a sweet and sticky sauce. The chili’s definitely come through as well. This would make a good share plate.

chicken kua gling

KSR Chicken Kua Gling (house made curry paste, Makrut lime leaf, rice) – I’ve had this dish before and it’s one of those go-to type main plates that I find so satisfying. It’s a simple dish, but very flavourful with heat that slowly builds.

bang sue bar toronto Spring rolls chicken satay

Vegan spring rolls (tofu, holy basil) and chicken satay with peanut sauce – A great option for those who shy away from spicy dishes. I really enjoyed the peanut sauce that came with the chicken and the spring rolls were tasty too.

khao san road toronto Pork jowl fried chicken

Marinated pork jowl and fried chicken with remoulade and siracha sauce – The pork was so sweet and tender on its own. I was only able to enjoy a few pieces because it was quite rich. The fried chicken was plump and juicy with a spicy and thin crispy coating on the outside.

coconut custard khao san road

Khanom Krok (coconut custard) – Lightly fried and served warm, these little morsels were SO good! Sweet and gooey with a few pieces of scallion in the centre to give them some warm savory notes. A great combination of flavours.

Khao San Road and Bang Sue Bar are located on 11 Charolette Street, Toronto.


Natalia Dziubaniwsky