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How Do You Stop Sugar Cravings?


I’ve made it to Day TEN with no booze or soda since the beginning of my Dry January Challenge and guess what?

The sugar cravings have set in.

I think my body is going into a wee sugar withdrawl from what I used to get from alcohol and soda. Giving up alcohol hasn’t been so bad at all. Everyone I know has cut back after the holidays that doing a Dry January hasn’t been too difficult.


Soda, I realize is a habit I could easily fall back into. Especially when I’m at a party or eating certain foods. My body actually craves a soda to contrast anytime I’m eating really salty or greasy food – which I have also been cutting back on.

This one has been a harder battle, but I’ve stuck mainly to flavoured sparkling water, lemon water, kombucha and drinking LOTS of tea.

I find myself wanting to eat more sweets like cookies, cupcakes and things I usually don’t crave all the time. So I’ve tried to swap in more fruit like apple slices and bananas – but it’s hard.

So I want to know, how you stop sugar cravings?




Checking In: Hotel Le Germain Toronto

hotel le germain breakfast

We are back in Toronto for a little visit and were recently invited by Hotel Le Germain for an overnight stay at their Mercer Street location. Staying with our parents in the ‘burbs has been great, but it was nice to actually be in the city and avoid all the crazy traffic in and out of it. How did Toronto get so busy?

Our little mini-staycation was EXACTLY what we needed. The location was perfect for seeing friends and family. I also booked a few meetings that day and was able to use Victor Restaurant as a meet-up spot. (more…)

Why I Am Choosing A Dry January


I recently wrote about how I’m moving towards a reducetarian lifestyle. Which made me also re-evaluate my alcohol intake and what else I was putting into my body.

I drank A LOT of beer in Portland.

It was really part of my everyday life there with over 70+ breweries within the Portland city limits. I wanted to try everything, sample all these new beers and ended up drinking a lot more beer than I usually do. Don’t even get me started about being 30 minutes away from Oregon wine country! (more…)

What Happened When I Became a Reducetarian

reducetarian diet

For about five years in my late teens and early 20s, I gave up beef and pork. I ate chicken occasionally and shrimp once in awhile. I generally felt good and was in great shape.

I started eating more meat when Paul and I began dating more seriously and since then burgers, steaks and bacon became a part of my diet. I have toyed with going vegetarian, but I always felt like I ‘failed’ when I couldn’t eat perfectly. (more…)

The BEST Boots For An Icy Canadian Winter

winter boots canada

A sponsored post.

One of the things I dread most about winter is navigating the icy sidewalks and parking lots without falling flat on my face. I’m usually shuffling along in a pair of casual moccasins – but I had to give these up when I came back to Toronto because they were not waterproof, warm or equipped with any sort of grip on the bottom.

So when Mark’s asked me if I wanted to come test out a pair of winter boots that could grip ice – the timing could not have been better as I was in the market for a new pair. (more…)

7 Ways To Bring More Hygge Into Your Life


I just recently landed back in Toronto for the holidays and – dayum, it’s cold.

Like -20 celsius COLD.

I haven’t been back in almost 2 years and I definitely haven’t spent a full winter here in 4.5 years. So yeah, you could say I’ve totally wimped out and my west coast body thinks 10 degrees celsius is like parka weather.

Ok, so how do we all stop ourselves from getting depressed this winter? I’m embracing hygge (pronounced hue-gah) and the Danish lifestyle of enjoying life’s simple pleasures when the weather is just miserable outside.

AND I can’t just sit at home eating chocolate biscuits and calling it hygge either.

I’m all about hacking happiness and if I have to hygge the sh*t out of my life to stay happy this winter – then so be it.

Now let’s begin… (more…)