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My Favourite Places To Shop in Canada

shopping canada toronto

I’ve been hanging out in Toronto, Canada for the last 2.5 months and it’s been a full two years since my last visit here. There are so many people and things that I’ve missed and I wanted to shed a spotlight on some great brands and stores that I love in Canada.

If you’re planning a trip here or just looking to discover some new favourites – these are the places I always make a point of stopping in at when I’m back for a visit.

Yes, there are lots of little boutiques I love to shop – but I wanted this post to focus on larger chains that you can find in major cities across Canada. Whether you are visiting Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary or elsewhere.

Here’s my shopping list! (more…)

Happy Birthday BINGO!

dog birthday party toronto

We’ve doggone done it.

We’re THOSE people now and I have reached PEAK Dog Mom.

Since we are back in Toronto and we had so many friends with dogs who wanted to get together during our visit, we decided to throw a little birthday party for BINGO to celebrate him turning 4 this year. (more…)

We Are Moving To California!

lisa ng doing good digital

We just found out last Friday that we were approved for a new US Visa – which means…


After spending almost 1.5 months putting together our business plan, visa application, funding and then launching Doing Good Digital, we were granted an interview and we are so grateful that we were approved on the spot.

It feels good to be doing this on our terms and for our own business.

We will be leaving in less then 10 days to drive BACK across the country with our pup BINGO while stopping to see a few clients on the way. It feels fast, but we’ve been back in Toronto since the start of December and we’re both super eager to get things started. (more…)

Our Top 20 Unique Wedding Venues Toronto


Photo via Christopher Luk Photography

Updated February 2018.

During my seven-year career as a DJ, I had the chance to work and attend 400+ weddings all over Toronto and the GTA. I’m always paying close attention to the food, service and how well I am treated (even as a staff member – these are the people who will sing your praises).

A few of them stand out in my mind, so I’m sharing my most favourite and unique wedding venues in Toronto as an industry-insider:

Light, Healthy + Delicious at The Pickle Barrel – Toronto

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I’ve been trying to eat healthy all month, but eating out is SUCH a challenge for me because I usually default to something fried and greasy. Does anyone else here do the same thing? My poor choices usually ends up derailing my diet and will lead to more junk food all week.

So what’s a girl to do?

Giving up on eating out is just not an option.

I met with Rose Reisman – a leading health and nutrition expert, cookbook author, caterer, and media personality who had some great advice for me. She suggested: (more…)

Brown Rice BBQ Chickpea Bowl

USA Rice BBQ Chickpea Bowl

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Have you been meal prepping like a maniac?

I’m one of those people who like to make New Year’s Resolutions and this year I opted for a Dry January and to stick to my Reducetarian Diet. We’re nearing the end of the month and it’s been so far, so good! (more…)