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Wellness Giveaway Day 2: WIN a SodaStream Source!

sodastream source

Welcome to DAY TWO of our 7 Days of Wellness Giveaway!

If you missed DAY ONE – you still have time to enter to WIN our David’s Tea Prize Pack from yesterday. Each contest will close around a week after launching.

We are giving away a cool wellness-related prize for the next 7 days and today’s prize is from our friends at SodaStream. It’s perfect for those fizzy cravings and a great way to enjoy a calorie-free beverage. (more…)

Wellness Giveaway Day 1: WIN a David’s Tea Prize Pack!

Feel Good Collection David's tea

Welcome to DAY ONE of our 7 Days of Wellness Giveaway! 

We are giving away a cool wellness-related prize for the next 7 days and today’s prize is from our friends at David’s Tea, one of my favourite tea companies. Originally from Toronto, Canada – David’s Tea has expanded with locations all across North America with some amazing and unique flavours of tea.

Our David’s Tea Prize Pack Includes:

The Feel-Good Collection – Five limited edition teas packed with delicious benefits. This rejuvenating collection has everything you need to get your glow back! Your gift box includes: Cocoa Boost, Moroccan Mint, Turmeric Glow, Zestfully Green and Buchu Superfruit (plus a pack of 20 filters) – $28 value


Announcing Our 7 Days of Wellness Giveaway!


Are you kicking your New Years Resolutions in high gear? Are you focusing on your own personal wellness journey this year? Girl, I hear you. February is the new January and I’m setting a whole new set of goals to achieve for the rest of this month and next.

To celebrate, I’ll be giving away a cool wellness-related prize for the next 7 days! We have gear from David’s Tea, Sodastream, Shoppers Drug Mart, Saje, Indigo and more to help you along with your own personal wellness journey.

I decided not to make New Years resolutions this year and thought I would set three mini goals each month related to my health and wellness to achieve. I feel like breaking things down into smaller tasks makes things seem less overwhelming and easier to do.

So yes, I’ll be dragging my butt back to the gym after taking a break this past Christmas and I’m aiming to cook more and eat healthier and am assuming a lot of you might also be coming off the sugar cookie high and feeling the same way.

We are kicking Day 1 of our wellness giveaway THIS coming Monday! So mark your calendars and get ready to win. You’ll have 7-10 days to enter each contest and a new giveaway will launch daily (not counting weekends) for 7 days.

No purchase is necessary and we will have a mix of wellnesss giveaways open to US and Canadian readers. Start by subscribing to our weekly newslettter and following us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Good luck + see you Monday!

Be Okinawa

A sponsored video post.

Some of you may have noticed my enthusiasm and love for all things Japan.

I don’t know what it is – but it’s a country I could keep visiting again and again because it’s so different from my reality here in North America. I was so lucky to visit for the first time in 2013 and then again in 2016. The people are so incredibly kind and as a solo traveler, I always felt safe.

I have covered Tokyo and Kyoto so far, but I am super intrigued about Okinawa – a region with a cluster of 150 islands just south of Japan’s mainland. It’s perfect for a relaxing beach vacation because of Okinawa’s tropical climate, white sandy beaches and crystal blue water. It’s also a great place to go diving, snorkeling, and fishing.

be okinawa

Okinawa Island is also known for having the longest living people in the world. The local diet features handmade soba noodles, fresh seafood, vegetables and rice. It’s a great place to rest, reset and recharge, while immersing yourself in authentic Japanese culture without all the tourist traps.

‘Life, by Okinawa’ is a series of three videos that feature what this beautiful region has to offer and how it can benefit the physical and mental wellbeing for those who visit.

If you’re planning a trip to Japan in the near future, consider tacking on a beach vacation for a relaxing getaway in Okinawa, especially after a whirlwind visit to Tokyo. Flying time from Tokyo is only 3 hours direct.

To learn more visit Be Okinawa online

French Canadian Tourtiere Meat Pie Recipe

tourtiere recipe

One of my all-time favourite winter traditions is making a tourtiere for dinner.

We usually make one for Christmas Eve and it’s a traditional French Canadian meat pie with mashed potatoes, onions and spices. It’s SO good that I thought that it was worth making again after the holidays as a winter comfort food idea. You could even re-create my holiday brunch if you’d like! (more…)