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Speedy Weeknight Meal: One Pot Pasta


By: Amanda Pereira

Eating healthy is always on my To-Do list. And I imagine it’s on nearly everyone’s wish list and resolutions and birthday goals. But it’s hard, especially with a full-time job, and a hungry belly and nothing but cereal in the pantry.

Getting home in time to cook can sometimes feel like an insurmountable obstacle, but it doesn’t have to be. Along with meal prep, which is becoming more and more popular across the internet, there are a host of easy meals that aren’t too taxing for your late evening.

My favourite go-to meal for hurried weeknight dinners is my veggie-heavy version of a classic one pot pasta. There are no firm rules here, just a commitment to lots of healthy fiber-rich vegetables, easy to cook pasta and very little clean up! See my recipe after the jump… (more…)