An Easy Trick to Cleaning Out Your Closet



Are you thinking about cleaning out your closet?

I spent all of last month trying to wear EVERYTHING in my closet in hopes of paring it down to only the pieces I love or feel great in. It made me realize that I reach for the same 6-8 outfits over and over again. If you’re thinking of spending some time cleaning out your closet, here’s an easy trick that worked wonders for me!

1) Bookmark It. 

This little closet trick I picked up from stylist Hilary Rushford from Dean Street Society was a closet gamechanger. We do really seem to only wear 20% of our closet, so her tip is to tie a ribbon on to your closet rod at the very back as a bookmark. Your goal is to wear everything in your closet in front of that bookmark. Once you’ve worn the item and washed it, hang it back in your closet – behind the bookmark and continue to wear everything else in front of the bookmark.


2) How Did I Feel?

There were certain pieces I wore that I just felt ‘blah’ in or the style just felt dated – especially when I wore it for the whole day. Once I forced myself to wear something I wasn’t crazy about – it made it easier to put the item in the donate pile. My goal is to wear more unique pieces that are memorable and make me feel great! I had a lot of things in my closet that I wore because I felt were ‘relatable’ as Hilary puts it – and had no WOW factor. I could also easily see the pieces I was avoiding and what I was missing in my wardrobe when I was ready to make new additions.

3) Shop Your Own Closet

I didn’t buy any new clothes while I did this experiment, which took me about a month. It was fun to actually shop my own closet, wear pieces I already owned and figure out the items I was getting sick of. I did notice that I owned too many winter sweaters and not enough casual day-to-day clothes. Cleaning out your closet makes you realize you have too much of one thing and not enough of other things.



4) A Lesson in Creativity 

Attempting to wear your entire closet is definitely a lesson in creativity and I enjoyed finding ways to style things so they looked fresh again. I would check Pinterest for ideas and if I had no clue how to wear something, then it probably wasn’t for me at the end of the day and better off in the donate pile.

5) Easy Items to Donate

If there’s anything in your closet that is damaged, faded, has a hole in it, doesn’t fit or is extremely out of style – throw it in the donate pile right away and don’t look back. Pretend you’re moving – would you take this item with you?


In the end, I gave away about two bags worth of clothes and have really pared down my closet with pieces that I truly love to wear. I think having less choice actually made it easier for me to get dressed in the morning. It also proved that I was holding onto many items for sentimental reasons or the money I had sunk into them. Those pieces made me feel guilty every time I looked at them, so they had to go.


Do you have any tricks to cleaning out your closet? How do you determine what to keep and what to donate?