An All-Natural Caesar Cocktail


By: Jessica Blaine Smith

As a Canadian, I think one of our guilty pleasures is the Caesar – along with poutine and butter tarts…but I digress! The Caesar is a classic cocktail that is best consumed at a cottage on a lake or at any weekend brunch.

So what makes a Caesar different from a Bloody Mary?

These days there seems to be no consensus, except that it must include some sort of tomato-clam juice. Other than that, you are free to do as you please with your choice of spirit or your choice of garnish. Classic Caesars are mixed with vodka, Worcestershire sauce and spices. But I have also seen tequila and gin Caesars and garnishes ranging from celery to bacon, and yes, a lobster tail.


The latest evolution is The Royal Caesar that is being served exclusively at The Fairmont Royal York in Toronto and it’s worth a visit to try one. The Fairmont has teamed up with Walter Caesar to make this great cocktail, which has created a specific Caesar mix for hotel.

The Royal Caesar that includes hints of cumin and chipotle, mixed with Ketal One Vodka and served with a celery stalk and a spicy bean. It is delicious and is available at any of the bars and restaurants inside The Fairmont Royal York. Bonus: you can also buy Walter’s mix from their gift shop so that you can make your own at home.


The thing with Caesars is that they are not necessarily very good for you. Sure, you can joke that with all that tomato juice, you’re getting some great vitamins – but when you look at the label on regular Caesar mixes, you may be surprised by the ingredients. You can bet that there is MSG in there and did you know that there may not even be actual clam juice either?

Walter is a company that found the need to give us a better version of Caesar mix. One of the founders (Zack), was at a brunch party that had a wonderful DIY Caesar bar. It was full of premium spirits and a variety of different garnishes but after choosing these awesome items, the cocktails were then topped up with a mix that was perhaps not worthy of the other top ingredients.


After that party, Zack went looking for alternative versions of tomato-clam juice and was surprised that there were no other options. Thus, Walter was created and allows us to put a fresh, premium spin on the classic Canadian cocktail.

Walter is made in small batches in Toronto and uses all natural ingredients, including real clam juice from the North Atlantic. It is also made without the use of added MSG, high fructose corn syrup, artificial colours or flavours and is proud to be Canada’s first Ocean Wise recommended Caesar mix. All in all, you can drink it without feeling too much guilt – especially when you order a second one!

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