March Update: Airbnb Beach House

cognac leather chairs brown

  1. Leather Chairs from Urban Outfitters
  2. Rug from Hayneedle
  3. Side Table from World Market
  4. Console Table + Throw Pillows from Target
  5. Curtains from West Elm
  6. Faux Succulent Planter from Homegoods

It’s beginning to feel like the neverending countdown.

The blog posts have been lagging a bit as the beach house has become all-consuming right now as we spend every weekend out on the coast getting ready.

As expected, we are over budget and waaaay past our initial timeline to have this place listed as of March 1st. Here’s what’s been happening lately and still needs to happen with our airbnb beach house in Lincoln City, Oregon:

bathroom tile fez blue granada tile

Our Fez Blue Tiles from Granada Tile. Bathroom Vanity from Wayfair.

1) Glass Shower Doors – Our glass shower doors have gone in and they look amazing! This took us way longer than anticipated just to order the hardware, glass and to schedule in the installers, but it happened. I can finally use the master bathroom shower!

brushed gold shower head kohler vibrant moderne subway tile

Kohler Vibrant Moderne Brushed Gold Shower Fixture

  1. Overhead Lights, Benches, Nightstand from Ikea
  2. Twin Beds from Wayfair

2) Vacation Rental Dwelling License – We had our city inspection from Lincoln City and it went really well. We are just waiting for the report to hopefully be approved in the next week or so and then a 20-day waiting period begins right after that time, after which we will be ready to list. We’re using the extra time we have now to really get things decorated and done right.

farmhouse style dining room

  1. Farmhouse Table from Beekman 1802 from Target
  2. Faux Fur Throw + Curtain Rods from Target
  3. Rug from RugsUSA
  4. Table Runner from Amazon
  5. Curtains from West Elm
  6. Hoyne Pendant Lamp from Crate & Barrel

3) Furniture Assembly + Decor – We had almost 15 pieces of furniture left to assemble last month and luckily our handyman was able to help us out. We were able to hire him and it took him a day and a half for him to put together everything that was left – it would’ve easily taken us a week or more! I don’t think I can ever look at an Allen key again…

I’m slowly adding more decor pieces, fake succulents and plants, throw pillows etc. Our budget is dwindling, so as much as I thought this would be a TON of fun, it’s a lot of work because I need to watch what we buy this late in the game.

lincoln city oregon vacation rentals airbnb

Boots c/o Cougar Boots

Amazon Prime has been a godsend for getting things out to the coast. I’ve also been ordering lots of stuff from Target, Urban Outfitters and World Market because I can walk any of my returns back to the store and not have to pay for shipping again. I highly recommend doing this if you’re unsure whether a piece of furniture will match or look good in your house. I would say we had to take back maybe 1 in 8 things we bought just because of size, colour or that it just didn’t look as good in-person as it did online.

Our blinds and window coverings are almost done. It’s definitely a lot of running back and forth to Home Depot to get them cut to size and the closest location is 90-minutes away. Same with the closest Target or Trader Joe’s – they are the same distance away in Salem, Oregon.

beach house living room ideas

  1. Fireplace Mantel from Wayfair
  2. Leather Chairs from Urban Outfitters

4) Fireplace Wall Treatment – This is finally done and it just made the room feel so much more cozy. Having some natural wood really pops against all of the white walls. We’ve been decorating with lots of warm wood tones and leather and trying to layer as much as possible. Paul installed the TV mount and I finally gave in and ordered cable when we couldn’t watch The Grammys.

beach living room indigo mudcloth pillows

  1. Sofa from Ikea
  2. Indigo Mudcloth Pillows from One Fine Nest on Etsy
  3. Throw Blanket from Target
  4. Coffee Table from Hayneedle
  5. Rug from Hayneedle

5) Photo Shoot – Since we’re still waiting for our vacation rental license. My goal now is to style up the whole house and get it photo shoot ready. Once the house is finally looking like where it needs to be, we’ll have an architectural photographer who specializes in real estate photography do a professional photo shoot for us.

basement futon

  1. Rug is from Target
  2. Futon is from Amazon – pup not included 😉

6) Random Things to Buy – I would never think there would be so many random little things you would need to buy for a vacation rental. On my shopping list lately has been things like beach towels, marshmallow roasting sticks, a cheese grater, lumbar pillows, lighting fixtures, board games, towels, pillows, sheets – it’s been ongoing. My credit card might explode.

olivia beach lincoln city beach house

Walking around our Olivia Beach neighbourhood in Lincoln City, Oregon

Otherwise we are really excited to come to the tail end of our beach house decorating project and finally finish all the little touches and random things. I’m thinking it will finally be listed on airbnb in about 3-4 weeks right around Easter. Things to start to pick-up around here in May with the weather finally getting warmer – so hopefully we can capture the traffic from that and start recouping some of our expenses.

I’ll have more pictures of the beach house to share with you soon!