An Update on our Airbnb Beach House!

beach house

Paul and I bought a new construction home on the Oregon Coast to rent out as an airbnb about 2 months ago and we are now roughly 6 weeks away from our beach house being complete!

It’s all happened so fast.

We are currently about a week behind the projected closing date due to some heavy rain in the area. A tornado even touched down further up north on the coast! Things still feel like they are coming along really quickly though with the beach house.


I’ve been trying to tick off 1-2 house things off my list everyday. We are doing a TON of customization and are currently sourcing our own bathroom vanities, floor tiles, a barn door, backsplash, lighting fixtures, faucets and hardware. Here are my ideas for our beach house kitchen, master bathroom and powder room so far.

I’m not a professional interior designer – but MAN, Pinterest and online shopping has really made my life a whole lot easier. How did we design homes before them? The past month or so has been a succession of a lot of quick design decision-making and we’re learning as we go.

Once our house closes at the start of December, we plan on moving in for the first two months to furnish, decorate and get a feel for the place. The first thing I’m installing is internet – then we can work remotely while we get this place ready to list on airbnb.


I have plans for a mattress to be delivered right away, but I still need to buy a fridge, washer and dryer.

We will still be keeping our place in Portland, likely driving back and forth between the two as we need things in the city (like Ikea). The goal is to get the house ready and listed for short-term rentals as of February 1st. After that, we’ll move back into our Portland place full-time and get through the summer of figuring out the operations side of running a vacation rental. Here’s what I’m estimating for our start-up costs.

That’s the latest for now!

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