A Donut Showdown at Jelly Modern

Modern Jelly

While traveling to Calgary, I had my own personal donut showdown at Jelly Modern Doughnuts. I had heard of this artisan donut boutique through various Calgary contacts and from the fact that they have opened three locations in my hometown of Toronto. Hunkering down with a large coffee, I devoured two of their mini 3-bite donuts in Classic Jelly and Salted Caramel (above).


The most popular flavour of all is the Maple Bacon donut – nom! I found the yeast donuts to be very light and airy with no overpowering oily taste. Chef Grayson Sherman uses high quality organic and local products whenever possible and fry the donuts in a combination of palm and canola oil which is changed regularly. If you’re frying donuts at home Grayson suggests keeping a close eye on your oil temperature and not overcrowding the pan to avoid that oily taste.


I’m not alone in my love of Jelly Modern Doughnuts. Oprah was in Calgary a few years back and received a package of donuts from the store. A hand-written letter from Ms. O sits right by the counter raving about these delicious donuts. Interestingly enough, Canadians consume the most donuts per capita in comparison to any other country in the world! We LOVE our donuts.


 Genius. A Whoopie Pie donut filled with cream!


A special of the day – a Sweet Potato Donut. Anything is possible.


 S’mores Donut with a melted marshmallow in the middle & graham cracker sprinkles.


A dozen donuts are $29.95 and there are special flavours on the weekend. Each donut is handcrafted with minimal mechanical intervention and never flash frozen. You’ll really taste the difference. What I love about Jelly Modern is that the toppings are unique, but the donut itself is fresh and delicious. I’ve been to other places where the donut itself tastes stale and old, even though the toppings are very creative.


Quite possibly the best Chocolate Donut of all time.


A cool modern cafe space with designer Eames lounge chairs at their Calgary Flagship


Jelly Modern Doughnuts

To see all their locations in Calgary + Toronto, visit: www.jellymoderndoughnuts.com


What’s your favourite artisan donut flavour? Do you have a favourite gourmet donut spot that I should check out?